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* Blood with high sugar levels is irresistible.
* Blood with high sugar levels is irresistible.
* Slight fear of fly swatters.
* Slight fear of fly swatters.
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Monsters of Godville
Aedes alces
Class Diptera
Habitat Woods, Swamps
Description Pointy antlers and a pointier proboscis.

The Moosequito (Aedes alces) is a monster and the scourge of Godville's back woods.


Long ago, there was a devious enchantress. In her pursuit of power, she discovered an ancient magic called "moving stuff away," that she rebranded as "teleportation" for practical reasons. She invented a device to move creatures from one room to another, and the first test subject was a poor, clueless moose that happened to be grazing near her hideout.

The test was going well; the moose was strapped down, the runes tuned properly, and the staff perfectly shaped. But then a mosquito arrived. By the time the enchantress realized that the little bug was feasting on the teleporting animal, it was too late. The two creatures disappeared in a blueish haze, and heavy grunts began to emanate from the next room.

The Moosequito was born, driven by a violent urge to feed on the human who had merged the two into such an abhorrent beast. A slim black needle the size of a broom started to poke the enchantress's iron door, the rivets falling one by one, piling at her feet. The monster broke free and started chasing the women into the woods. His black legs, covered with long spiky hair, trod mercilessly on the trunks and paths, relentless until he reached his mark. The Moosequito nailed her to an old pine, leaving only a dry carcass as he rushed into the wilderness, looking for more humans, more blood.



  • The determination of a mosquito.
  • The mass of a moose.
  • The unpredictable speed of teleportation.


  • Blood with high sugar levels is irresistible.
  • Slight fear of fly swatters.
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