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Equipment of Godville
Commonly used Moonglasses
Worn 🧢Head
Durability +54
Description Unknown


Originally advertised as an eclipse glasses, lots of the glasses which lost it's demands after the three minutes event remained at the factory's warehouses. A quick business decision was taken to resell the product as the brand new Moonglasses. Unlike it's counterpart, the well-known sunglasses, Moonglasses sports white glasses which is expected to double the moonlight exposure towards eye, acting as a low-cost nightvision goggle for night travels. It's battle effectiveness is not yet determined by the scientific community, however it gives the hero a higher stat in self esteem. This product also comes with certain degree of lens adjustment for the far or nearsighted heroes, as well as monsters. Commonly used by nearsighted sniper.


Heroes are advised not to clean the lenses with sandpaper.


Traders apply no refund policy. Any malfunction of equipment is not covered by warranty. Staring at solar eclipse may cause permanent blindness.