Monster repellent

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Artifacts of Godville
Monster repellent
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Unknown
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Fuse 3000 coins into a Golden brick or kill a monster

The Monster repellent have a rather straightforward concept. This product keeps monsters away, at least for a couple of milestones. It comes in spray form and is available as a clip-on, keychain, wrist band, or necklace. It is thought to operate by releasing a pungent scent into the air around the hero. Any monster that gets a whiff of the smell heads for the hills as quick as it can. The smell can be noticed from a speculated distance of 3 whole milestones so the hero or heroine can once again travel freely without the fear of life, limb, or being able to easily make friends.


Advertisement: Enjoy your life, temporarily monster free today! Buy one, get the second one free - just pay the extra shipping and handling charges, plus tax! Remember our motto: The smell of it can kill you, so it will certainly give those monsters a nasty shock!

Disclaimer: does not have a 100% guarantee of effectiveness as some monsters have an impaired sense of smell - in which case it will need to be combined with a closet as well as under-the-bed check, blanket, stuffed animal, light source (the brighter the better), and a hug of reassurance for maximum effect.

Instructions for Use

This item kills the monster or tries to melt a golden brick out of gold coins (requires 50% of godpower)

Strategies for Use

This artifact usually melts 3,000 gold coins into one golden brick. Accordingly, a hero should have at least 3,000 gold coins before activating this artifact. Activating this artifact when a hero has less than 3,000 coins will usually result in the loss of 50% godpower, loss of the artifact, the hero smelling bad for a few days, and no melting of any gold coins.

Heroes with temples should not use this to melt gold coins into a golden brick due to golden bricks almost always selling for less than 3000 gold coins unless they are on the quest to Survive the zombie apocalypse, in which case they should use it with wild abandon.

This item cannot be activated when fighting a boss-monster. It is assumed this is because most bosses are used to the smell of bull-droppings so they would not be affected anyway.