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Alright, for those of you who don’t get the “joke” in the name of the guild, this guild is all about just having fun with the bizarreness that is Godville. Hence the similarity in the guild name and the popular television series. There will be japes and satire. Silliness will abound. But keep in mind, we want this guild to be a benefit to the GV universe as a whole, not a sore spot.

We just want our thread to just make GV crack a smile or laugh at itself. Please enjoy, but please make sure everyone can enjoy it as well :)

Mock the Weak
Motto: Don't mock till you try!
Alignment: All over the place. I mean, I guess it's neutral.
Date Founded: May 16, 2012
Guild Page: Mock the Weak 

The Original Panel


This guild has been founded on friendly satire and silliness and will stay that way forever! Our forum is one of the best ways members and nonmembers alike can contribute to the guild by simply having fun!

Forum Etiquette

Ok, let's get the rules out of the way first. Everyone (guild member or not) is welcome to post on our forum! Except those of you who decide to make it personal or inappropriate.... to whit:

  • Don’t post any derogatory, slighting, or offensive remarks about ANY guilds (even if it’s your own, as all members in your fine guild may not agree with you)
  • Don’t post any derogatory, slighting, or offensive remarks about ANY particular god/hero in the GV community.
  • Try to remember that this is a family game. Not everyone needs or desires to hear foul language or “locker room humor”. So, keep that stuff to yourself.

Forum Games

Every once and a while, we come up with fun games to play on the forum. Below are just two of the types!

  • Scenes We'd Like to See - In this game, usually a topic is given to which forum posters can contribute. Let's laugh together, people! Here's an example:
Unlikely campaign slogans, if monsters ran for mayor of Godville
Reverse Psychologist: Don’t vote for me; vote for the other guy!
  • Headlines - A picture and a string of letters is chosen. Try to make the funniest headline out of the letters to match the picture!

Please tune in to all the Mock the Weak madness on our forum page for tons more of great examples and laughs! Hope to see you there!