Mobile medic

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Mobile medic

Type: Activatable Artifact

This item is randomly generated into your hero's inventory and is not able to be actually "looted", found, or purchased. If your hero is fortunate enough to have acquired the Learning curve artifact, then at the whim of the gods (as apparently it matters not if your hit points are low or full), a Mobile medic will sometimes appear (even in the middle of a monster battle).

Your hero will need to then place the Learning curve into the appropriate drive slot and the device will project a holographic image of a medic. Please be reminded to utilize the proper slot to avoid the "curve disk unrecognizable" or "curve disk unreadable" error messages. The medic will have your hero sign various paperwork including a consent for services, HIPPA confidentiality and privacy rules and regulations statement, a release of liability form, and an explanation of services agreement regarding your insurance premiums and related coverage regulations and limitations. After verifying your demographic information and updating it in their electronic database, your hero's health will be completely topped off! Any remaining heal points must be returned to the medic immediately or an additional copayment charge will be withdrawn from your health savings account.