Mithril Moon

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Mithril Moon
Alignment: Humane
Totem Monster: Biowolf
High-level Rank: Luminary
Date Founded: 5-1-2015
Membership Count: 66
Pantheon of unity Rank: 168
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 110
Forum Headquarters: Mithril Moon
Guild Page: Mithril Moon 
Data current as of 06.20.2016

About Mithril Moon

Who we are

  • Our heroes are beacons of light in a dark world. We value Kindness, Teamwork, and Valor and we hope for our members to express these values between each other and with all of Godville.
  • We also strive to maintain a Bright, benevolent alignment. Some Punish actions here and there won't change things too much, but please try to encourage your heroes where you can.
  • Our unofficial Totem Monster is the Biowolf, and unofficial symbol is a glass or crystal full moon worn as a pendant or other accessory.


In the dark, starless night the goddess looked down on the world. All of nature was peaceful, but the mortals below stirred; preying on the weak, robbing and killing their own. From her seat of silver light the goddess began to weep for the weak beings below her. Her tears spread out into night, becoming small lights, illuminating the dark sky, and lighting the earth below them. Some of these lights fell to the earth below and became heroes who fought back the evil rampaging in the goddesses' peaceful night. They would turn and bow towards her visage, and she would shine all the brighter, pleased at the good her children were doing. Together the heroes on the earth, and the stars still in the sky formed a union to protect the night, and keep it safe and still. And the goddess shone brightly upon them, naming them Mithril Moon.

Distinguished Members

Elected Leaders

These members have made a name for themselves among their guild-mates, and secured the favor of the populous. They don an extra big and extra shiny insignia of Mithril Moon as their badge of office.

Name Elected
GodMonotheistic Vishnu  3943 g.e.
GodIthil Fea  07.09.2016} g.e.

Weavers of Moonlight

These are members that have been with the guild since it was young, and helped sow the seeds of what Mithril Moon has become today.

Name Tile Hero
GodIthil Fea  Founder of Mithril Moon Revered by the hero Bastinus
GodMonotheistic Vishnu  Ink Sage of Fables Revered by the hero Batnips McCloon

Mithril Champions

These members have taken part in one of Mithril Moon's community events and come out victorious. Their names are written in the stars to celebrate their feat.

Name Event Award Translation
GodMonotheistic Vishnu  Righteous Fury Shining Personality Highest final alignment
GodAlmother  Righteous Fury Ascending Spirit Most personality ranks gained

How to Join

  1. Your hero(ine) must be level 12 to join a guild
  2. Wait until your hero(ine) is idle (not in town or a dungeon, not fighting a monster, or selling to a trader)
  3. Give the Voice Command to your hero(ine) to Join "Mithril Moon" guild. You may have to give the command more than once.
  4. If your hero tries to leave the guild in the future give the Voice Command Cancel quest. You can do this any time.