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Like a light of sunshine flashed on his face, Hikaru was blinded by the fast movong truck that hit him.
Like a light of sunshine flashed on his face, Hikaru was blinded by the fast moving truck that hit him.

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Mister Sunshine
Champion of the God: Apollo Seven
Personality: Badboy
Gender: Male
Motto: ⛊ 日差し!明るい!⛊
Guild: Upgamers
Guild Position: Founder
Favorite Town: Godville


I Transported to Another World to Serve A God!?~An Angsty Isekai~ Episode 1

Warning!: Death, Heartbreak, Angst

Life is fine for a certain third-year highschool male otaku named Hikaruーhe already completed his figma, nendoroid, and nesoberi collection from his favorite idol anime; and he seems to qualify on becoming an animator in the future.

But there's a big problem he faces as the school year ends.

He's gonna graduate with no 3D girlfriend by his side.

Ever since first-year, Hikaru has only one girl in his mindーhis eternal waifu, he saysーit's no other than their class's top star, Ayasa.

Almost everyone admires Ayasa, for she is both beauty and brains. Unknown to others, except for Hikaru, who is timid towards her, is that she is actually very flirty and that she likes Ichiro, Hikaru's closest friend.

Ichiro gets the hint Hikaru likes Ayasa so to help him, he was the one to tell Ayasa about it.

Ichiro 「Ayasa, Hikaru... likes you.」

Ayasa 「What are you saying? Hikaru... He likes Kana, not me.」

Ichiro 「What? Hikaru likes your best friend? I had a misunderstanding...」

Ayasa 「But, did you know, Ichiro? I...」

What they didn't know that Hikaru was just lying on liking Ayasa's best friend to be close to her. But it's too late for them to know about that or maybe, it's too late for Hikaru to confess to Ayasa.

Ayasa 「Hikarun! Good news! Me and, hehe, Ichiro are now dating.」

Hikaru 「What?」

Ayasa 「Eh? Are you not happy for me?」

Hikaru 「Pfft... Of course I'm happy for you.」

Not for me though.

It was the last day of school, their graduation. Hikaru plans to tell Ayasa his feelings via a letter. He put his letter in his blazer pocket.

He plans to just slip it to her locker and be anonymous so it won't be embarrassing for him.

The plan seems working for him as he is already ready to slip the paper in when he was caught by no other than the girl herself.

Ayasa 「Hikarun? What are you putting in my locker?」

Hikaru「A-Ayasa. I-I'm sorry.」

Hikaru runs away from frustration out of his own feelings as Ayasa tells him to wait, but not trying to chase him.

To Ayasa, You don't know about this but, all this time, I like you. I'm sorry for hiding these feelings. I'm also sorry if you are bothered by this feeling of mine. I just need to tell it to you at the last day because we may not see each other after that. I am sorry, once again.

Hikaru runs and runs to nowhere. Like an idiot he is to other people's eyes, he started crying. He just wants to be happy. Can he be happy, in another life? Can he forget about all of this?


Like a light of sunshine flashed on his face, Hikaru was blinded by the fast moving truck that hit him.