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Miracles are a form of influence only available to gods with a completed temple.

Miracles cost 50 godpower, but they are definitely worth it. You can use miracles while traveling, while fighting, in town, or in a duel. Of all those things, there is NO reason to use a miracle in a duel. As a matter of fact, only douches use miracles in duels. They will not help you. They will, however, hurt the other guy: they may break his armor, they may break bold items they carry, they may steal experience… Most of all, they will annoy the living daylights of the other god who will then complain to all his friends about what a douche you turned out to be. Don’t use miracles in duels. Just don’t.

Outside of duels, miracles are really, really cool. Outside of town, they can completely heal your hero: yeah, completely! They can help your hero complete the current quest, be that a regular, run of the mill quest (which gets a 25% completion) or an epic quest (5% completion). They can get you a nice bold item to sell next time you’re in town. They can upgrade your armor: be careful, you might have the best looking Icarus Wings in existence. In town, they can also upgrade armor, heal, or get bold items, but also increase your guild’s influence (miracle influence is worth at least two encourage/punishment influences) or can increase your own personal influence which may, at some point, play a role in the game. Last, but not least, miracles can kill a monster in one fell swoop. Don’t waste your miracles to kill monsters, unless you really want to kill that Godville Administrator and get that elusive invite.

When you miracle is important. How fast you do it one after another also matters. Don’t miracle when “searching for the right path” or when “returning to quest”. Pressing the miracle button in quick succession more often than not gives you two different outcomes.

So there you are. You’ve come into your own. Your hero has failed to fail enough times for you to complete this golden monstrosity, which is crowded among hundreds of other golden monstrosities and which, together, have transformed Godville from its former romantic self, into an eye straining temple suburbia. I hope you’re happy. Now go do what you crazy gods do.

Other Ideas

  • With the new-found miracle skill, a god can now gain town influence for their guild much more quickly, and work on getting their guild up to the top position in the unity pantheon.
  • Why are you still not at the top of all the pantheons?
  • Submit Ideas for possible after-temple-completion goals?

The number of miracles you can use in a certain space of time has a limit: the Godville Administrator does not look kindly on temple owners who overuse their newly found power. A sleeping Godville Administrator will roll over in a far away cave and may even take 50% of the Godpower from temple owners who abuse their privileges.

Unlike the other influences, miracles have a 100% success rate. They always benefit the hero in one of the following ways:

  • Complete recovery of health
  • Increases guild influence in the town they are currently in
  • Instantly kills opponent (if currently fighting one obviously)
  • Completes 25% of a quest
  • Cause random monsters to drop bold and activatable artifacts into a hero's inventory
  • Upgrades one or more pieces of equipment

In the arena, instead of defeating the opponent, it has one of the following effects:

  • It may remove the opponent's godpower and increase your own by the same amount (from 10-25%), ie. a vampire drain.
  • It may suck experience points from the opponent
  • It may greatly weaken the opponents defences by damaging their armour allowing more damage to be inflicted in a shorter period of time.
  • It may raise the opponent into the air and flip them upside down, causing one of their artifacts to fall out of their inventory and be destroyed.