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This influence is only available to a god once their hero has completed a Temple for them. It costs 50% Godpower to use.

Unlike the other influences,it has an 100% success rate. It always benefits the hero in the following ways:

  • Instantly kills opponent (if currently fighting one off course)

In the Arena, instead of killing the opponent, it has one of the following effects:

  • It may remove the opponent's godpower and increase your own by the same amount, ie. a vampire drain. This is at the moment highly controversial since godpower may be gained by use of charges, and a lot of people gain the charges by purchasing them with real money. It is therefore claimed that using this influence steals other people's money. However it could be also be claimed that the purchasing of charges solely gives you the choice to support the game by donating money which goes towards its maintenance and further development and so the increase in godpower which comes as a reward for the donation is merely a small thank you.
  • It may greatly weaken the opponents defences allowing more damage to be inflicted in a shorter period of time.