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Let there be light...

This influence is only available to a god once their hero has completed a Temple for them. It costs 50% Godpower to use. The number of miracles you can use in a certain space of time has a limit: the Godville Administrator does not look kindly on temple owners who overuse their newly found power. A sleeping Godville Administrator will roll over in a far away cave and may even take 50% of the Godpower from temple owners who abuse their privileges.

Unlike the other influences, miracles have an 100% success rate. They always benefits the hero in the following ways:

  • Instantly kills opponent (if currently fighting one obviously)

it may also have one of the following effects:

  • Cause random monsters to drop bold and activatable artifacts into their inventory
  • Upgrade one piece of equipment which slowly 'hisses into place' increasing the durability by 2 points

In the Arena, instead of killing the opponent, it has one of the following effects:

  • It may remove the opponent's godpower and increase your own by the same amount (from 10-25%), ie. a vampire drain.
  • It may suck experience points from the opponent
  • It may greatly weaken the opponents defences by damaging their armour allowing more damage to be inflicted in a shorter period of time.
  • It may raise the opponent into the air and flip them upside down, causing one of their artifacts to fall out of their inventory and be destroyed.