Minor Glitch

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The Minor Glitch is a monster that came to life when a God fired a lighting bolt that hit Godville's Core and caused a huge world malfunction.

The Minor Glitch has no limiting conditions; it can live anywhere, and forever, if in peace.

It has morphing abilities, shaping or 'glitching' into anything it can see. Meaning, if a hero has a very strong pet or finds himself in a place full of dragons, he is in trouble. But fortunately, they are too stupid to use that ability to those scales.

Generally, it has no shape... One hero described it as a wiggly banana looking apple. Later on, however, it was established that he was talking about a merchants stolen fruit basket...

I has some downsides:

Environment - Catch them in a rock cave, it wont have an object to turn into.

As it's name implies, it is a glitch. The Glitch itself can't predict what will happen to it.

Rocks - This reason has not been researched to be explained. As the Glitch touches the rock, the piece that touched it starts dissolving.