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'''''1 section'''''
'''''1 section'''''
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'''''2 sections'''''
'''''2 sections'''''

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Mini-quests, in contrast to the usual quests and epic-quests, have a number of features:

  • Their completion takes less time, usually around half an hour.
  • They may actually consist of a chain of one to six mini-quests, with a new one starting immediately after a previous one.
  • When beginning a mini-quest, the current quest is briefly postponed by the hero; the hero will come back to it later.
  • When you send a hero back to a town or make him teleport, a mini-quest may be started, so be careful.
  • If you send the hero back to town during a mini-quest, or if the hero decides to go back on his own due to low health, the mini-quest will cancel and the hero will return to his previous quest.
  • If you activate a mini-quest artifact in town, your hero will leave immediately on the quest. This can be done after healing but before the hero has a chance to sell the artifact.
  • If the hero's bag is full during a mini-quest, a trader will drop from the sky. The hero will not return to town to sell.

The most significant difference between quests and mini-quests is that at the conclusion of a mini-quest, the hero may (or may not) have to defeat a boss-monster. As of recently, mini-quest boss monsters also have abilities

Known Mini-quest Progressions

listed in alphabetical order by first part of quest. It follows the format “quest name” – “item received” (item type). Note that “special” items refers to Activatable Artifacts.

Boldly go and take on some mini-questQuest positioning system (bold)

[ Note: This has a random chance of popping up before any mini-quest. It does not matter how you start the mini-quest (post-healing trip to town or activatable item), nor does it affect the following mini-quest in any way other than making it one section longer.]

3 sections

Convince a cannibal to become a vegetarianVegetarian meatball (regular) →

Serve hot dogs at a vegan event – Hair of the dog (regular) →

Stay until the bitter end – segue to boss →

Boss – Vegan Cannibal

[Boss notes: Health 0.75x-1.15x hero’s, 600-1100 coins, 1 Gold brick, Zen energy pouch, Lion’s share of meat (bold), Health Bar (healing), 0-2 additional bolds/specials, and 1-5 regular items]

2 sections

Determine the longest distance between point A and point BReally long meter (bold) →

Insert tab A into slot B – Social network adapter (special) →


1 section

Face the music and dance - 25% towards completion of current quest


2 sections

Find out who, what, when, where, why, and howWonderbox (special) →

Go there, do that, get the t-shirt – ‘I love Godville’ T-shirt (bold) →


3 sections

Find the entrance to a secret lair‘Secret lair is here’ sign (regular) →

Moon a werewolf – Cheese moon (bold) →

Laugh in the face of danger – segue to boss →

Boss – Wherewolf

[Boss notes: Health 1.10x-1.25x hero’s, 1000-1500 coins, 1 Gold brick, 1 Alchemical transmuter (special), 1-3 additional bolds/specials, and 1-5 regulars]

5 sections

Go fishing in the gene poolExtra chromosome (bold) →

Fathom the unfathomable - X-ray depthometer (bold) →

Fish for a red herring – Gold fish (bold) →

Teach a fish to catch a man – Fish call (bold) →

Find (or Wake) someone who sleeps with the fishes – segue to boss →

Boss – Drowned Captain

[Boss notes: Health 0.9x-1.1x hero’s, 700-1100 coins, 1 Gold brick, Davy Jones’ locker (special), Captain’s pipe (bold), 1-2 additional bolds/specials, and 2-4 regulars]

4 section

Help an angel earn it’s wingsAngel’s feather (bold) →

Find where angels fear to tread – Invite to hell (bold) →

Calculate a snowball’s chance in hell – Wet pants (regular) →

Die another day – segue to boss →

Boss – Ancient Demon

[Boss notes: Health roughly 1.5x hero’s, 600-1200 coins, 2-3 Gold bricks, Demon’s hoof (bold), Flaming Trident (bold), 2-4 additional bolds/specials, and 1-3 regulars]

1 Section

Jump to conclusions from a standing start-972 gold coins


3 sections

Locate a hive of scum and villainyDirty money (bold) →

Don’t panic – “Don’t Panic” T-shirt (bold) → (apparently this one is not always there as it was skipped when I just got this one)

Find a level boss and defeat it – segue to boss →

Boss – Level Boss Motto : Why so serious?

[Boss notes: Health 1.35x-1.45x-1.76x hero’s, 1100-1700 coins, 2 Gold bricks, Invite to Godville, Kill switch (special), 1-2 additional bolds/specials, and 1-3 regular]

3 sections

Look for love in all the wrong placesBunch of wilted flowers (regular) →

Flirt with disaster – ‘555-LOVE’ phone number (regular) →

Demand a refund for a broken heart – Broken heart (bold) →


1 section

Motivate a lazy eye - 1686 Gold coins


2 sections

Send in the clowns – varies (sometimes money, sometimes a full heal, sometimes absolutely nothing) →

Fear nothing but fear itself, and clowns – segue to boss →

Boss – Mad Clown

[Boss notes: Health 0.95x-1.15x hero’s, 1300-1700 coins, 1 Gold brick, 1-3 additional bolds/specials, and 1-4 regulars]

2 sections

Take the bull by the hornsBull’s horn (bold) →

Live to tell about it – Golden ticket (special) →


3 sections'

Smooth out a rough idea ->

Sign a verbal contract ->

Seal the deal with duct tape- golden brick->