Methylated Spiritualist

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Monsters of Godville
Methylated Spiritualist
Class Human
Habitat Abandoned distilleries
Totem for Freemasons ⚜️ 
Description A minty, minty, hooded figure

The Methylated Spiritualist (Spiritus Methylioméno) is a monster that was the last of a cult destroyed in a freak accident involving a large barrel of fuel. The cult was in the midst of communing with the spirits possessing the flammable liquid, when a spark from their ritual torches fell in. This caused a large explosion, killing all of them save one. This last member is doomed to walk the earth alone for the rest of his cursed existence, as the accident had imbued them with a flawed immortality - that he may only speak in the language of spirits (which sounds like groans to the average hero), and to smell like methylated spirits for the rest of time.



  • The tragic, saddened rage of someone who has lost everyone he knew has imbued him with unnatural strength
  • An ability to summon spirits to fight alongside him, though this ability is limited to the number of members that were in the cult[1].


  • You can smell him coming from a mile away
  • He is fairly unsteady on his feet, as the smell has caused an eternal headache
  • Strong pyrophobia, stemming from the accident. Heroes are hence advised to bring a torch into battle with this monster, or at the very least, a match


  1. Around five, as stated in their holy book, "Talking to Spirits for Dummies"