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!Hero's Diary
00:36: 05:15 09:32: MEMES NOW SOLD NEAR YOU
Meme Guild
Motto: Nuck Figgers
Date Founded: i dont remember.
Guild Page: Meme Guild 
Data current as of End Of The World

Weather it be planking, pants on the ground, or squinty faced fry Memes live! If you love a good meme to please join Meme Guild and join in the fun


Our objective is to Spread memes and joy—while raiding people.


Our members include Tori NorthStar


And so forth Go with great honor in this guild, we shall not war, we shall make ALLIES (And raid people) with aids.


Our Favorite MEMES
Bad Luck Brian  
Y u no guy  
Scumbag Steve  
Troll Face  
Troll Dad