Mega Pixel

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Monsters of Godville
Mega Pixel
Class Virus
Habitat Labs
Description A giant, mutated computer monitor pixel

A Mega Pixel is a small cluster of simple computer pixels that had been hacked into the world of Godville.

In piecing together scant clues of origin, Godville cryptozoologists theorize it originated on a Mac running Linux in a junior high computer lab.

Somehow the combination of a badly used Mac plus an outdated Linux kernel contributed to the harmless pixels transforming into a dangerous Mega Pixel upon insertion into Godville.

It is likely that this transformation and insertion into Godville was not intended or expected as 7th graders are not be capable of fathoming the destruction and horror of becoming pixelated by a Mega Pixel.



  • Can store information about an opponent for future battles which is retrievable after death and respawning.
  • Due to its light weight, it can float several feet above the ground
  • Shoots pixels at enemies which upon direct hit turns the hero into an 8 bit Minecraft graphic.


  • Eventually has to erase some info due to limited storage capacity
  • Antivirus programs, Windows updates, paid Mac upgrades
  • Water will short-circuit it
  • Weapons capable of 1080i resolution during battle