Meadows of Eternal Tranquility

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Meadows of Eternal Tranquility

The Meadows of Eternal Tranquility are sacred meadows, once populated by Shamans and Gurus. The two types of people spent long hours, sometimes days or even weeks, meditating peacefully. They never fought, yelled, attacked intruders, or even spoke. As a result, peaceful chakra made the land grassy, shiny, and filled with life. These meadows contain scenery hardly seen by many heroes. All heroes are allowed to enter if they are able to prove themselves by reciting the legendary "let me in, let me in" poem at the entrance, which the hero must do repeatedly for one full day without sneezing or taking a break for any reason until the sun has set. Heroes are not allowed to ask their friends chant for them or stand in line for the tickets to the entrance either. Today, the meadows are open for any heroes that want to see it as long as they can gain entrance by following the guidelines above.


These meadows are found southwest of Vector Field near the shoreline. The Shamans and Gurus migrated here from Los Adminos to live in complete harmony. To escape all civilization, they grew a fence of Redwood trees filled with Reading Chakra. This would notify them if anyone unpure was trying to enter the place. After centuries of solitude, they built a small entrance for heroes to go through. Only heroes leaning toward the good side can see this entrance.

Territories and Landmarks
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