Meadows of Eternal Tranquility

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These are sacred meadows once populated by Shamans and Gurus. The two types of people spent long hours, even days, meditating peacefully. They never fought, yelled, attacked intruders, or even spoke. As a result, peaceful chakra made the land grassy, shiny, and filled with life. These meadows contain scenery hardly seen by any. Only Pure good! heroes are allowed to enter, but Pure good heroes have a chance if they prove themselves. Today, the meadows are open for heroes that want to be Shamans or Gurus. The heroes must choose to fight in the arena and become Gurus, or travel the milestones and be Shamans.


These meadows are found southwest of Vector Field near the shoreline. The Shamans and Gurus migrated here from Los Adminos to live in complete harmony. To escape all civilization, they grew a fence of Redwood trees filled with Reading Chakra. This would notify them if anyone unpure was trying to enter the place. After centuries if solitude, they built a small entrance for heroes to go through. Only heroes leaning toward the good side can see this entrance.