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Champion by the Goddess: Glystas
Personality: Shallow
Alignment: Cruel
Gender: Male
Level: 38
Motto: Define Normality... 🌙
Guild: Harvest Moon
Guild Rank: Weirdo Harem Slave
Guild Position: Follower
Wins / Losses: 15 / 9
Favorite Town: Herolympus
Largest Ever Gold: Around 23.000
Most Hated Monster: Inner Demon
Personal Rival: Weirdos

Strenghs & Weaknesses


  • Good at trading and at nothing.


  • Bad. Really bad at fighting.
  • Suffers from claustrophobia.
  • Brags about himself too often.
  • He's a coward."

His Adventure Companions

A sections for his "special friends and enemies"... Mostly alts' heroes.

In progress...