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Deities of Godville
Hero Amelia Dunn
Personality godly
Gender male
Motto Spartans Never Die
Blue Feather
Guild position Chief Master

The Everlasting Quest

It was a cold and windy night when suddenly the ground shook and all the monsters let out screams of fear as they knew what would happen in the next few seconds. A mug rose from the cracks and shone across the world like the sun and suddenly a wave of silence sweeped all of known godville, amelia dunn was on the ground recovering from the earthquake when she saw the mug she felt compelled to grasp this mug and drink from it unfortunately it was......EMPTY dun dun dun.The monsters rejoiced as they knew what would happen after a hero drinks from the mug and tastes the fine beer it contains. From that day amelia dunn knew her destiny was to taste the finest beer in the universe a quest wich she still continues till this day in hope of becoming the most powerful monster slayer godville has ever known.