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Hero's Chronicles

“Come on, my hero, choose your name.” So it spoke and so I chose. ‘Hm … I can not make up my mind. There are so many … "I thought. Then said it, “The first sign is fixed!“ – “Hah?! I do not know what to say.“ “Now the second sign is also fixed,” said the voice indifferently. “Grrr …” I hissed from anger. “Then this is your name, Mark.” "I’m going to leave this temple," I said loudly, so that the monks could hear me. “Almighty …” one of the monks sighed into his cloak. “So this servant gave you the second name, for you have ’mumm‘.” The ritual can now begin. " At these words the monks accompanied “Mark Mumm” to a trough with water. They sang. They brought Mark Mumm to a valley where an eternal fire burned. They sang. Finally, Mark had to pass a final test. He should overcome his greatest joy and his greatest fear. They left him alone in a huge basin full of beer for three days. His greatest joy is the enjoyment of this golden juice. His greatest fear is “nothing” (That’s what he wrote in the ceremony questionnaire).

Mark Mumm sat on a wall, Mark Mumm had a great fall… Oops! I’ve broken my box with a question mark.
— Mark Mumm

Day and night Mark passed through fields, forests, mountains and lakes. Fighting monsters, met travelers and made me some friends. He had no specific direction in his mind. But… Did I mention his knowledge of dog language?

One day he got bored and decided to persuade one of the monsters to join him. It worked right the first time. A sun dog wanted to be his constant companion. At first they had their difficulties. The pet buried his equipment, munched away his food, and let him run forever in a circles… Besides scratching, and biting him for daily care. When fighting monsters, the sun dog only watched or fled faster than Mark. Now their enemies are learning, that Buck has strong jaws and he is a master of creeping and heartbreaking howling. There is one additional special ability Buck has - normally, he finds bucks on the floor at random times. Now they are best friends and hopefully that will remain forever.

Off to new deeds. Every good hero is not placed on his own, but is part of a cleverly chosen group. I thought so myself at the beginning and chose the guild Awsomeness. Unfortunately, Mark left when the leadership elections came to no conclusion and I realized that it no longer exists. Strangely enough, the Guild House collapsed after a thunderstorm. A former member then created his own guild shortly thereafter. Mark Mumm is now going to fight in the name of the turtle’s shell – “Jurgenndoi!!” and of mine, Magistum.

My face must be glowing like this golden temple I just now finished for you, Luminous One. I have to say, it does look great!
— Mark Mumm