Map of Godville

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Full version is here

Note: New towns have been added since this was created

Map of Godville

Smaller version

Godville is the world in which everything in the game takes place. This world is huge and has a variety of geographical features and towns.

This is the hitchhiker's map of Godville as drawn by the great God GodSpode . It will be updated as new places of the map are added. Click here for the full version in all its glory.

Milestone numbers between towns and the capital are accurate, with the milestones on land being the black and the ones in the sea being attached to red buoys. The color-coded routes through the milestones are the paths that heroes take to get from the capital to another town.

For a list of Towns, click here.

For more information on the milestones and the routes, see here.

See the pocket illustrated guides here: Towns and Landmarks.