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Monsters of Godville
Class Mutant
Habitat Dark forests
Description Cross between a human, a bear and a pig

This disgusting creature is said to have been created out of the hate from a mad scientist, somewhat like the Generic Enemy. Legend has it that this beast was made in a lab after the scientist had been laughed at by his peers for never having made anything useful. Supposedly, the scientist created the ManBearPig to annihilate the others, leaving him as the single smartest man alive (aside from Stephen Hawking). The creature then turned on its master and escaped. Luckily, the intended targets are safe.

Nowadays, the ManBearPig, or MBP for short, resides in the deepest part of forests. His appearance is that of three combined mammals. It has the arms and legs of a bear, giving it tremendous power, the body of a pig, making it heavy and giving it some defensive abilities, and the head of a man. Ocassionaly, as the above picture suggests, there may be mutants. Though weaker and less intelligent, they should not be underestimated. Although it has a human head, it is not capable of talking. Since the vocal cords are in the pig section, the head can only make pig-like sounds. Depending on its emotions, it will show some random part of itself to others. If it wants to be left alone, it will hide in bushes and only expose the bear parts hoping to scare other animals away. When it wants to attract prey, it will only expose its soft pig belly to the intended prey. When wanting to eat a human, the creature will show its human and smile. Heroes should be warned of this technique. If this tactic is used, it is best to try and initiate a conversation. If the "human" attempts to speak, but makes grunts and sqeals, it is most likely a MBP.


  • Confuses its enemies with different characteristics of its constituent animals
  • Can be considered a cannibal in many ways...
  • Strong attack of a bear and great defense of a pig


  • Easily detected as it is huge
  • Considered by many as a fictitious character