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Welcome to the source of all Godville information.

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!Featured Articleโ†ป



A hero's level is a measure of how powerful they have become. A hero can increase their current level by gaining Experience.

Upon levelling up your hero is not required to return to Godville to update the authorities of this development and may continue adventuring at their own pace, however slowly that may be. Certain parts of gameplay are available once a certain level has been achieved.

When levelling up, a hero or heroine will do so without assistance from their Deity. A notification is sent to the Deity's device, and an entry will appear in the Third Eye, if unlocked.

As an added bonus, his or her health is fully restored and the Deity's Godpower is refilled to 100%, as well as advantages noted above. They also gain access to higher level weapons and armor. As a hero or heroine's level increases, so does their ranking in the Pantheon of Might.


Previously featured: Beer Cub -- Adminotaur

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!Did you know...โ†ป

  • ...that ark's owners can release an unwanted pet?
  • ...that there are monsters for your hero to collect?
  • ...that each town have its specificities?
  • ...that you can ask for help writing or editing Godwiki articles at Help:Requests?
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You will be logged in automatically if your hero has reached level 15. Your divine name shall be written at the top or bottom of the page. If that did not happen, try checking on your hero or heroine again and then open this page. There is no need to register separately for access to the wiki.

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