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A tribble is a small, furry creature that reproduces at an incredible rate; it's born pregnant. Although adorable, its ability to multiply (and the amount of food it eats) makes it indirectly very dangerous.

The tribble is a special artifact that cannot be sold, dropped, crafted or used for any purpose. Once a tribble finds its way into a heroine's inventory, it will hog the space for a good while. The only way to get rid of them by force - aside from getting a full inventory - involves death.

Usually they come in pairs or threes at the beginning, but overtime the heroine's loot bag will fill up with more of them until her inventory is almost full.


Previously featured: Fool's goldfish -- Sarcastic Samurai

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  • ...that you can easily get godpower everyday?
  • ...that you can easily get a free item everyday?
  • ...that ark's owners can release an unwanted pet?
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