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Welcome to the GodWiki, the divine encyclopedia of Godville that can be edited by anyone.

Now the GodWiki has 2,887 articles, and gods are continuing their divine work, enriching Godville's pages with the threads of their ingenious creations.


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Introduction to the GodWiki 

Welcome to the source of all Godville information.

Anybody can edit any article here, especially you! Why not write a short article on a particular Monster, Artifact, Skill, Tavern, Quest or piece of Equipment that's caught your eye?

Want to create an article from scratch, but don't know where to get started? Take a look at the Creators Manual and topic Guidelines for advice on creating great GodWiki content.

You can Ask at Help:Requests if you'd like an assist with something you're working on — whether it's to check your spelling and grammar, or something technical about GodWiki features.

The frontpage — this one you're reading — has a Discussion area that's a good place to look for wiki-wide announcements and notes of interest to GodWiki editors. It's also where you can ask general questions that don't pertain to any specific article. (For those, use the article's own Discussion page.)

For Godville game-related questions, the forums are usually better.

Thank you for all your contributions!

Featured Article 


Beasties 598px.jpg

Beasties are terrifying sea monsters that inhabit the depths of Godville's oceans. These denizens of the deep are known to feast upon any ship that dares come near, and some are even known to hunt down any nearby prey that wanders into their sight.

Landbound heroines don't have to worry about these creatures, but once the heroine completes her ark and decides to go sailing, she soon discovers that the sea is swarming with these monsters. Like their land counterparts, a beastie often has loot, be it in the form of fresh water supplies, healing oil, a hint pointing to the nearest treasure, or even the treasure itself. Some beasties even have fenimals in their bellies or on their backs, which will prove useful to any heroine trying to preserve the wildlife of Godville.

However, getting the loot is not so easy. Beasties are nimble animals, and may sometimes attack the heroine before divine influence can reach the sea, an ability that can prove fatal to a heroine if her ark is badly damaged already.


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