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*[[:Category:Backstage|Backstage]]<br />
*[[:Category:Backstage|Backstage]]<br />
*[[:Category:Technical|Tech]]<br />
*[[:Category:Technical|Tech]]<br />
|style="width:7%; font-size:95%; vertical-align:top;"|
="width:7%; font-size:95%; vertical-align:top;"|
*[[:Category:Gods|Gods]]<br />
*[[:Category:Gods|Gods]]<br />
*[[:Category:Heroes|Heroes]]<br />
*[[:Category:Heroes|Heroes]]<br />

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Experience — a measure of how much you have learnt from your mistakes. When talked about, it is often abbreviated to exp or XP. Heroes gain experience points mostly by defeating Monsters, although there is a plethora of other ways too. When heroes gain enough experience points, their level increases, and they become more powerful and battle-hardened.

Experience comes in two main forms, starite and monstite. Starite is the rawest form of experience, when it is freshly mined from the "Caves of Leveler."

It is purple in colour and in this state it is useless to any heroine or hero. However, it has a distinct flavour which most monsters would (and do, usually) kill for. Once it has been digested by a monster, it transforms into monstite, which is a fine golden dust which stays inside the monster. It is also very useful to heroines and heroes but must be earned by killing monsters to release it.

Greedier monsters (usually fatter ones) provide the most experience because they are most likely to have eaten more starite. More powerful ones also have a lot since they have survived longer and so have ingested more of it.


Previously featured: Rocky Raccoon -- Beerburglar

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