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Someone please take care of this stupid hero so I can hit the Casino!
GodLord Rawl , Founder of Lucky God Casino
Lucky God Casino
LGC Emblem.png
Motto: temere forte ludos
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 22704 c.u.
Date Founded: 17th June 2011
Membership Count: ~400
Town with Greatest Influence: Beerburgh (3%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 16
Forum Headquarters: Lucky God Casino
Guild Page: Lucky God Casino 
Data current as of 12th October 2011


♣ Welcome to the Lucky God Casino

The First and Only Gambling Hall/Casino in all of Godville! Founded 403 g.e.

Our Majestic Gambling Hall is situated in a most beautiful location, nestled on the bank of the River Stinks just outside of Godvillewood.

Are you tired of helplessly watching your hero(ine) attempt to complete his/her unheroic acts of stupidity while you, the Awesome God that you are, patiently wait for the coveted godpower required for you to enjoy playing? Have you ever wished that you could let someone else watch your hero(ine) so you could enjoy a randomized game of chance yourself?

Great News! Our motto here is "temere forte ludos", loosely translated as "random games of chance". Here, at the Lucky God Casino, you can check your hero(ine) into our "Hero Daycare Program" and you can enjoy your own random games of chance! That's right, we'll take care of your "little monster" like the child that he/she is so you can enjoy the games in our forum.

Lucky God Casino does not participate in the various wars of Godville. We feel that we have enough on our plate, just to care for your hero(ine) and to conduct our forum games. We accept all Gods/Goddesses and their hero(ine)s. We have no rivals and no allies.

If you wish to join us in the casino, simply send the following Voice command to your hero:

Join "Lucky God Casino" Guild

and start your quest for your own random games of chance!

Membership Benefits

Your membership in Lucky God Casino includes many benefits such as:

  • You will have your own permanent room in our Grand Castle (away from the loud gaming areas) which can be decorated to your liking
  • Exclusive use of our "Hero Daycare Program" program, allowing you to enjoy your stay without hearing the constant beckoning from your hero(ine)
  • Exclusive right to apply for a Distinguished Lucky God Casino Staff Position earning a LGC Chip Salary
  • VIP treatment in our gaming areas, mess halls and gift stores, conveniently located throughout our facility
  • You get to put one of these symbols in your motto for us to recognize you in the pantheons (use copy & paste) ♥♣♦♠ and/or ♡♢♤♧

Hero Daycare Program

We offer knitting classes too

No worries when you enroll your hero(ine) into our state of the art "Hero Daycare Program". We take care of your little brat child as if he/she were our own. We offer so many activities to keep your hero(ine) occupied that you may have to use your godpower to get your little one back to the quest.

While staying at our facility, your hero(ine) will receive the BEST of training available. Your irritating adorable kid will love our practice arena, where unlike the true arena, he/she could actually die (easily brought back to life with your resurrection ability though). We offer training in all the usual skills and, due to popular demand, we can help the little one become one of the very best at knitting in all of Godville!

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your loved one will not die in our practice arena

Also, our "Hero Daycare Program" offers the very best in entertainment for your little one (optional of course). Be sure to notify  Little Father  if, in fact, you would like your hero(ine) to actually be entertained.

Optional entertainment for the little heroes

In the event that your hero(ine) has a pet for accompaniment, we offer space for them as well! Our staff enjoys working with pets so much that, sometimes, it can be rather difficult to get them back to the their responsibilities of caring for your hero(ine). But don't let that bother you, we do maintain a fully functional dungeon for such occasions! In working with your child's pet, we offer a comprehensive training class for the pet as well. We keep one of the most famous, well not really famous, monster trainers on hand to teach your pet such things as CPR, fetching beer and other invaluable skills.

It has been noted that with our extensive training, many pets have changed their personality (although not necessarily for the better).

How do I help Lucky God Casino?

This section was copied from Guild Name with their express written permission[1]. -Thanks "Guild Name"!

As a new member to Lucky God Casino, you may wonder what you can do to help the guild. According to Guilds, the best way to help us is to encourage or punish your character in a town when the character is idle (not healing or selling). This will increase the casino's influence in the town and increase the benefits we recieve within the Godville Universe.

Also, if you notice your character trying to join a different guild, you can always cancel it and stay with us. Just send the command "cancel quest" to your hero(ine) until he or she listens.

To increase our visibility, you can also put a reference to *Lucky God Casino* guild in your motto if you want, but please feel free not to as well- Lucky God Casino respects your wishes.

Feel free to add any of our guild members or founders as friends, and we will be happy to answer any questions we can. It also helps to increase guild unity (not Unity) if members befriend other members.

Lucky God Casino (LGC) Chips

LCG Chip

Here at Lucky God Casino, all bets are made by wagering your very own "Lucky God Casino Chips" a.k.a. "LGC Chips". In order to participate in our games, you must have some of these chips to make your bet(s). Before making any bets, you first need to open an account with Lucky God Casino. This may be accomplished by notifying  Lord Foul  by private message or in our forum. Lord Foul will open your account with a Complimentary stack of LGC Chips, based on your membership status. There are numerous ways to gain LGC Chips once your account is established, which is illustrated in the following tables:

Existing Members of Lucky God Casino Guild

  • (50 Chips) to existing members of Lucky God Casino Guild upon opening an account
  • (5 Chips) for posting a successful town influence in our forum
  • (5 Chips) for posting a successful cancellation of a quest to join any other guild
  • (10 Chips) for referring a friend to our Game Hall (visit to our forum) and having them post in our forum that you referred them
  • (25 Chips) for recruiting a friend into Lucky God Casino (becoming a Guild member) and having them post in our forum that you recruited them
  • (100 Chips) for suggesting something that we decide to include in Lucky God Casino
  • (25 Chips) for suggesting an improvement to an existing idea that we decide to include
  • (20 Chips/week) Earn a salary[2] of chips by joining our staff and hosting games in our forum periodically
  • (various amounts) for winning in any of our Casino Games

Members of other guilds can get chips too

  • (25 Chips) upon opening an account
  • (10 Chips) for referring a friend to our Game Hall (visit to our forum) and having them post in our forum that you referred them
  • (25 Chips) for recruiting a friend into Lucky God Casino (becoming a Guild member) and having them post in our forum that you recruited them
  • (100 Chips) for suggesting something that we decide to include in Lucky God Casino
  • (25 Chips) for suggesting an improvement to an existing idea that we decide to include
  • (various amounts) for winning in any of our Casino Games

Casino Medals (Optional)

It has been suggested by  Deprivus , one of our "Honored Guests" that we create a series of "Medals". This would give our players an objective to accomplish, instead of just collecting a pile of chips. So here it is:

At the player's option, he/she can choose to purchase a Medal with the chips that they've won. The Medals have to be purchased in order. So the first Medal available is the "Cheater's Medal" and the ultimate goal is the "Lucky God Casino Champion" Medal! Who will be the first with this awesome title? The following table lists the 10 Medals to compete for and the cost of each. Note: In the unlikely event that you wish to "sell back" any Medal, we will buy it back for 75% of the original cost.

Who's going to become our first "Lucky God Casino Champion"?

Medal Chips Cost
Lucky God Casino Champion 1000
High Roller 900
Gambling Instructor 800
Professional 700
Serious Gambler 600
Weekend Gambler 500
Street Gambler 400
Gambling Novice 300
Dumb Luck 200
Cheater's Medal 100

Thank you Deprivus for your suggestion! You've earned 25 LGC Chips!

Total Chips held by our Players

God(dess) Guild Chips Highest Medal
 Aeklipsp  Lucky God Casino 784 Dumb Luck
 Aeschy1us  50
 Axrael  Lucky God Casino 110
 Basileus  Lucky God Casino 50
 Brillianto  Green Lantern Core 50
 Callyn  30
 Capitol  Gangsta Kittehs 1153 Cheater's Medal
 Ceccetticat  Harvest Moon 126 Cheater's Medal
 Crystalviolet  Lucky God Casino 25
 Dalekdalton  Lucky God Casino 50
 Deprivus  Open Bar 146 Dumb Luck
 Drazerak  Lucky God Casino 635 Weekend Gambler
 Dreamscape  Lucky God Casino 244 Dumb Luck
 Emilelinzq  Lucky God Casino 25
 Epoch  Guild Name 65
 Forever Young  Lucky God Casino 50
 Hairplug4men  Harvest Moon 80
 Hasanto  Harvest Moon 45
 Iceblack  25
 Jacensoloville  Lucky God Casino 75
 Karmatose  League of Adjudicators 30
 King Jared  Open Bar 101
 Korrigan  The Rejects 124
 Life Force  Crimson Tide 25
 Little Father  Lucky God Casino 278 Dumb Luck
 Little Ghost  Open Bar 491 Cheater's Medal
 Lord Foul  Lucky God Casino 475 Dumb Luck
 Lord Poker  45
 Lord Rawl  Lucky God Casino 591 Street Gambler
 Loribelle71  Lucky God Casino 85
 Mathtrek  Harvest Moon 34
 Mese  Open Bar 25
 Mighty goatman  Lucky God Casino 60
 Money Mack  25
 Mortalin  Knights who say Ni 192
 N0b0di  Lucky God Casino 105
 Phi  Knights who say Ni 159
 Preachy Lopnor  Lucky God Casino 470 Dumb Luck
 PrimalPadmouse  Lucky God Casino 55
 Roger Rabid  Lucky God Casino 140 Street Gambler
 Shelin  Lucky God Casino 50
 Soul Keeper  Lucky God Casino 205 Dumb Luck
 Spirit of Rome  Immortals of Rome 36
 Strongbad  Lucky God Casino 70
 Suzan  Knights who say Ni 35
 TauntzE  Awesome 55
 The Almighty Bob  53
 The Great Gayser  The Rejects 102 Cheater's Medal
 The Green Accordion  25
 Wolf Spirit  Warped Quantum 85
 ZzPeach  Knights who say Ni 78

Table current as of October 13, 2011 1815 (USA central time)

Lucky God Casino Games

Page Raffle

Game Summary

This game called the Page Raffle isn't actually a game at all. It is a raffle hosted by the dealer (usually Lord Foul) whenever the Lucky God Casino Forum begins a new page.

How to play Page Raffle

Participating in the Page Raffle is the simplest game of all to play and requires no skill. Just make at least one post in our forum. Shortly after a new page is created in the forum, we will hold a raffle in which all who had a voice on the previous forum page has a chance to win.

Page Raffle Odds and Payoffs

The actual odds of the Page Raffle will vary, based on the number of different voices on the previous forum page. However, all Gods with a voice on the previous forum page will have the same odds, regardless of the number of actual posts the God made. The payoff of the Page Raffle will normally be 25 Chips, however we may have a different payoff for various occasions.

Actual Method of Determining the Winner[3]

Monster Wheel

Game Summary

Monster Wheel (drawing by  Spode  Thank you Spode!)

This game called the Monster Wheel is played on a vertical rotary large wheel with a fixed indicator/pointer on the edge.

The wheel has 54 slots/sections representing seven monsters. The object of the game is to guess in which monster on the Monster Wheel the indicator will point to when the wheel stops following the spin.

How to play the Monster Wheel

Playing the Monster Wheel is very simple and requires no skill. Just place your bet before the Monster Wheel is spun, specifying which monster you believe the indicator will be pointed at when the wheel stops. When all bets are placed, the dealer grabs one side of the wheel and spins the wheel with a strong pull and push downward action.

The Monster Wheel then makes a few turns and slowly grinds to a stop. The monster the indicator points to when the wheel stops is the winning monster and determines the payoff amount. You may bet on one or more monsters at the same time. Below are the groups division and number of slots and the payoffs of each monster on the Monster Wheel.

Monster Wheel Slots and Payoffs

Actual Method of Determining the Winner[4]

White Russian Roulette

White Russian Roulette

Game Summary

This is another simple game, albeit intoxicating. The object is to successfully drink 5 out of 6 shots of the casino's specialty cocktail - the White Russian. The catch?... 1 of the 6 shots contain a substance known only to  The Almighty Bob , which will immediately knock out even the strongest of Gods. Only the server knows which shot he put the substance in.

How to Play Just place your order for the "White Russian Roulette" (WRR), place 10 chips on the table (this covers the cost of the alcohol) and tell us in which order you will drink your 5 shots. eg. "i will drink in this order: #6,#3, #1, #2 and #4" Upon your waking from the floor, we will inform you which drink it was that put you there and how many chips you won.

Rules and Payouts

  1. There is a 10 chip charge to play
  2. You must attempt to drink 5 of the 6 shots
  3. If you successfully drink all 5 shots (without falling down), the charge will be refunded

Payouts are determined according to successful drinks (meaning that you are still standing after the drink):

  1. Wins 10 chips
  2. Wins 20 chips
  3. Wins 30 chips
  4. Wins 40 chips
  5. Wins 50 chips and the charge will be refunded!

Thank you The Almighty Bob for your "recipe", you've been awarded 25 chips!

Actual Method of Determining the Results[5]

Betting on the 1st GV Arena Tournament

Lord Rawl(10 chips): Tchulmaak Lost 10 Chips
Soul Keeper(25 chips): Keks Lost 25 Chips
Roger Rabid(50 chips): Fist Of Fury
Deprivus(100 chips): Tchulmaak Lost 100 Chips
Preachy Lopnor(30 chips): Capitol Lost 30 Chips
Emilelinzq(20 chips): Tchulmaak Lost 20 Chips
Aeklipsp(20 chips): Mr Green Lost 20 Chips
King Jared(25 chips): Tchulmaak Lost 25 Chips
Soul Keeper(10 chips): Fist Of Fury
Wolf Spirit(10 chips): Hairplug4men
Hasanto(10 chips): Hairplug4men
Little Ghost(100 chips): Painiac
Lord Rawl(50 chips): Hairplug4men
Ceccetticat(10 chips): Hairplug4men
 ROUND 3 MATCH BETS TAKEN (pay 2 to 1)
Lord Rawl(25 chips each): Painiac, Hairplug4men
Roger Rabid(25 chips each): Armdapti, Fist Of Fury
Wolf Spirit(20 chips each): Painiac, Hairplug4men

Round 3 Matches
 Painiac  vs  Armedapti 
 Hairplug4men  vs  Fist of Fury 


 ROUND 2 MATCH BETS TAKEN (pay 2 to 1)
Lord Rawl(10 on each): Tchulmaak, Hasanto, Capitol and Armdapti Lost 10 Chips
Soul Keeper(10 chips each): Painiac, Hasanto, Fist Of Fury, Armdapti Won 50 Chips!
Roger Rabid(10 each): Tchulmaak, hairplug4men, Fist Of Fury, Twyler Won 20 Chips!
Preachy Lopnor(20 chips) on Capitol and (10 chips) Hasanto Lost 30 Chips
Wolf Spirit(10 chips each): Tchulmaak, Hairplug4men, Fist Of Fury, Twyler Won 20 Chips!

Round 2 Results
Tchulmaak vs.  Painiac 

 Hairplug4men  vs. Hasanto

Capitol vs.  Fist of Fury 

 Armedapti  vs. Twyler

Round 2 Matches
 Tchulmaak  vs.  Painiac 

 Hairplug4men  vs.  Hasanto 

 Capitol  vs.  Fist of Fury 

 Armedapti  vs.  Twyler 


 ROUND 1 MATCH BETS TAKEN (pay 2 to 1)
Lord Rawl(10 on each): tchulmaak, hairplug4men, ax1399, armdapti, keks, fist of fury, hasanto, painiac Won 100 Chips!
Capitol(5 chips): Capitol Won 10 Chips!
Preachy Lopnor(10 chips): Fist Of Fury, Capitol Won 40 Chips!
Aeklipsp(10 chips): Fist of Fury, ArmedApti, and Equalsthree Won 30 Chips!

Division A:  Tchulmaak  Won Mathtrek

Division B:  Hairplug4men  Won Stonerman

Division C: Ax1399  Capitol  Won

Division D:  Armedapti  Won Mr Green

Division E:  Twyler  Won Keks

Division F:  Fist Of Fury  Won Dayfit

Division G: Rogez  Hasanto  Won

Division H:  Painiac  Won Equalsthree

Round 1 Matches
Division A: 1  Tchulmaak  Level 34 vs 16  Mathtrek  Level 36

Division B: 2  Hairplug4men  Level 33 vs 15  Stonerman  Level 34

Division C: 3  AX1399  Level 37 vs 14  Capitol  Level 37

Division D: 4  ArmedApti  Level 37 vs 13  Mr Green  Level 34

Division E: 5  Twyler  Level 35 vs 12  Keks  Level 36

Division F: 6  Fist Of Fury  Level 36 vs 11  Dayfit  Level 33

Division G: 7  Rogez  Level 32 vs 10  Hasanto  Level 32

Division H: 8  Painiac  Level 36 vs 9  EqualsthreeLevel  34

The numbers before the names are their position in the glad panth. 1 is the highest, and 16 is the lowest!

Gambling Problem?

In Godville, problem gambling affects more than 20 Gods. More than 3 of these (but we're not naming names) are considered severe problem gamblers, otherwise known as gambling addicts or pathological gamblers. Problem gambling can strain your relationship with your hero(ine), interfere with responsibilities at your guildhall, and lead to your hero(ine) having a major catastrophe. It may even lead you to do things you never thought possible, like stealing chips from the God next to you or striking down an entire city with your lightning bolts. You may think you can’t stop, but problem gambling and gambling addiction are treatable.

"The Rejects" guildmembers have agreed to listen to your excuses and provide you with somewhat adequate counselling or at least "chat with you over a very large barrel of beer". So, if you’re ready to admit you have a problem and seek help, visit The Rejects here.

You can overcome your gambling problem and return to the Lucky God Casino!

Our Members

The Grand Gaming Hall, where all the games are played

Casino Founders

  • Grand Master Lord Rawl  - "Holder of the Vault Key", Founder and Casino Overlord USUAL BET: MW 100 ANTIHERO, 75 BIOWOLF, 50 SILENT KNIGHT
  • Grand Master Little Father  - "Godfather of the Casino", Founder and Hero Daycare Manager USUAL BET: 20 ANTIHERO, 16 BIOWOLF, 10 SILENT KNIGHT, 6 TROJAN HORSE, 4 PANZER DRAGON, 2 GV ADMIN, 2 LGC LOGO
  • Grand Master Lord Foul  - "Resolver of Disputes", Accounts Manager and Official Chronicler

Staff Members

VIP Members

Active guildmembers If you feel that your name should be added to this list, please post in in our forum.

Honored Guests

Members of other guilds granted FREE Hero Daycare for their continued loyalty


  1. Hey Lord Foul – Good luck in starting a new guild! You are welcome to reference us and copy that section. Guild Name works for the good (or even just the hilarity) of all guilds in the game. signed  Epoch 
  2. subject to approval and agreement of staff rules and regulations
  3. Actual Method of Determining the "Page Raffle" Winner: Near the beginning of each forum page, the dealer hosting the Page Raffle will count the number of different voices on the previous page and generate a random number from, an external third party with no interest in Godville. This number will determine the winner of the Page Raffle. Note: The dealer hosting the Page Raffle can also be a participant in the raffle (if he/she had a voice on the previous page), but is bound by honor to play fairly.
  4. Actual Method of Determining the "Monster Wheel" Winner: The dealer hosting the game generates a random number between 1 and 54 from, an external third party with no interest in Godville. The number generated signifies the winner, where:
    • 1-24 = Antihero
    • 25-39 = Biowolf
    • 40-46 = Silent Knight
    • 47-50 = Trojan Horse
    • 51-52 = Panzer Dragon
    • 53 = Godville Administrator
    • 54 = Lucky God Casino Logo
    Note: The dealer cannot make any bets in any game he/she hosts and is bound by honor to play fairly.
  5. Actual Method of Determining the "White Russian Roulette" Results: The dealer hosting the game generates a random number between 1 and 6 from, an external third party with no interest in Godville. The number generated signifies which shot contains the magical substance. Note: The dealer cannot make any bets in any game he/she hosts and is bound by honor to play fairly.