Low Gravity Plains

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Geography of Godville
Low Gravity Plains
Description Unknown

Located in the eastern wilds, south of Trollbridge on the River Amp, the Low Gravity Plains are avoided by most heroes due to their strange effects.


The main feature of the Plains is obviously the low gravity conditions, which would stress any normal creature attempting to walk on them, for only the slightest bit of force is needed to catapult something into the sky. These conditions result from a strange geological phenomenon unique to this place, of which the causes are unknown.

The Plains are flourishing with exotic Monsters not found anywhere else. Monsters here tend to be huge due to the lower gravity, but also are very weak, so most heroes can easily defeat them. However, should a hero spend too long here without strenuous exercise, their muscles will also waste away to the state of the monsters', leaving them powerless to do anything.


It is thought that the lithosphere at this point is the only thing between the Plains and the world's core, which would explain the frequent earthquakes and the ever-changing climate. Nobody knows what happened to everything between, but magic is probably involved, since (if nothing is below) absolutely nothing seems to be preventing the plains from collapsing towards the core. Yet the Plains still exist. This actually doesn't baffle any hero, because they are too stupid to recognise this. There are, of course, a few legends talking about some gods experiencing with the space-time continuum, or with the multiverse, leading to what can only be called a merging of every possibilities of existence...

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