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  | totem = Hug Central
  | totem = Hug Central
The '''Lovebug''' (''bugs that give out hugs!") is a [[monster]] in [[Godville]].
The '''Lovebug''' (it’s a bug that give out hugs!) is a [[monster]] in [[Godville]].
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Monsters of Godville
Love Bug
Class Amare Coleoptera Cimex
Habitat Active Imaginations
Totem for Hug Central ⚜️ 
Description A hugging bug

The Lovebug (it’s a bug that give out hugs!) is a monster in Godville.


Although the Lovebug is one of the cutest bugs, it was apparently created in the imagination of an unknown hero or heroine who felt the game needed even more hugs built into it.

The Lovebug has an attack which entails it giving out hugs to heroes and their pets, whether they want one or not. Heroes describe the sensation as making them feel warm and fuzzy all over, and most report they in turn have to give a hug to a hero or pet in order for the effects of the LoveBug to wear off. Rumors are that some heroes die of embarrassment after sacrificing large amounts of gold and /or out of frustration over being forced to do something besides drinking beer.



  • Give out hugs frequently
  • Specifically designed for hugging
  • Great speed when searching for hugs
  • Powered by hugs


  • Becomes sad when heroes don’t believe in it
  • Can become emotional whenever it’s upset
  • Is not often invited to monster mash parties
  • Hug attacks don’t actually harm heroes
  • Is temporarily “contagious”
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