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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 660+
Map code ??
Known for Unknown
Motto If you're here, you found us.

Lostway was a small mining village, discovered by the outside world when travelers strayed past the known boundaries of Godville and into an uncharted area. Heroes who get this far are usually lost, and the inhabitants aren't much help -- there are no maps for sale and the birds ate the trail of crumbs left in an effort to find the way home. The town has lots of one-way, curvy streets that circle back on each other as well as some unique hedge-maze features.

Game Notes


Due to Lostway being a rough, mining town, healing is slower here. Heroes might also get "lost" while going to the doctor, and show up at the bar instead (although the town is notorious for a confusing, ancient, and twisty road and mining tunnel system that weaves through the top, middle, and lower levels like a bowl of spaghetti).

Finally back in Lostway. Ah, the fresh smell of... oh, I forgot about the lack of a sewage system in this place.


One explanation for its name is that Lostway, itself, may be lost and meandering between different milestones. Heroes -- never reliable sources of anything but hangover cures -- have reported its location from milestone 660 to 750. Since no one's ever wanted to return, little attempt has been made to fix its locale. Some heroes have actually reported that they've seen the town walk, but most scholars have dismissed those observations as the hero simply being drunk. There have been cases of heroes with memory loss. There have also been sightings of so-called "U.F.O's" nearby.

Lostway is often surrounded in a dreary gray haze, that makes distinguishing it from anything else nearby extremely hard. There are very few landmarks for miles around, because the last city servant sent to put up mile markers got lost repeatedly and kept ending up at city hall.

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