Los Demonos

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Towns of Godville
Los Demonos
Home milestone 74
Map code LD
Known for Cheaper stuff, weaker prayers
Motto kutafuta hekima ya milele


Los Demonos is a mysterious place, having the smallest population of any civilized town in Godville. It is distinct in the fact that only a small part of the town is inhabited, yet the population still numbers in the hundreds. Located underground, the town has grown quite big in the huge amount of space it has.

Game Notes


The archaeological capital of the world, Los Demonos has been the location of most of the famous discoveries due to its mysterious status and relatively unknown history. Even the experts have only been able to piece together a rough plot. It seems to be a complicated story, and we don't know most of it. Artifacts found here include alien spacesuits, green meteorites and the fossils of giant sea turtles. The only clue to the original inhabitants of Los Demonos when it was in its prime, are the cave paintings which adorn the cave walls, many of which have long since faded away and now are but faint blots of ink. Some special cases have survived and depict the hunting of animals. However, due to the subterranean location of the town, this would not be possible. For this reason, many theorists have linked Los Demonos with the legend of Herolantis, a town home to a great civilization which was eventually swallowed up by the ground in a great earthquake.


A mostly uninhabited ghost town that dates back millennia, the whole of Los Demonos is hidden away in a cavern deep underground . To gain entry, a traveller must navigate a large complex of subterranean tunnels known as the Limestone Labyrinth. Recently there has been talk of restoring the town and increasing the population numbers but its location is only known to a few, though Heroes occasionally come across it on their adventures. The town itself is peaceful with very low crime rates, the reason being that the place is so inaccessible that those who reach it with the intention of thieving are by then too tired to even try. In this town, everything is dusty, old, and out of date. Heroes that find their way into the town usually take a break here just to heal and sell off their loot. The beer isn't the best, so they may skip the drinking, although a significant number of buildings here are taverns, of which are especially known for their uncontrolled gambling. This last line is not important....

Distinctive Features

It does make sense to ask about the most distinctive features of Los Demonos, for the whole town is distinctive in itself; it is by far the most mysterious, after all. Being underground, lighting can be a problem, and one thing the town is certainly known for are the crystals of Calcite, which are mined here. For some reason this is the only place this type of Calcite can be excavated, and it is especially known for it's blue fluorescence. The miners of Los Demonos are able to sell the crystals to specialized jewelers who cut them into orbs, which are then sold to traders for a high price. Eventually, the crystal orbs end up hanging from the cave walls or the walls of houses, lighting up both in a way that seems eerie to a stranger. The town only has one trade route with the outside world, and that is with San Satanos. As a result, even though the inhabited part of the town is small, there is a reasonably healthy population and low levels of unemployment. Only a small part of the uninhabited part of the town, the Herolantic Ruins, as they have been known (see history above), have actually been explored, let alone dug up. Museums all over the known world contain relics from the place. Soldiers of Light and Darkness are frequently seen lurking in the area around the Limestone Labyrinth. There was a rumor that Los Demonos is the place to their HQ. The word is that an insane Hidden Dragon lives somewhere in Los Demonos.

Notability and/or notoriety

In Godville Times

  • Day 234 g.e.' "A brainstorm swept over the Los Demonos city. Residents are in panic, the good gods are trying to eliminate the consequences of this horrific weather event."

Diary Entries

!Hero's Diary
13:09 Rode into Los Demonos on a cloud of dust. No horse, just a cloud of dust.

!Hero's Diary
19:23 Here we are, Chewy: Los Demonos. The center of the world. The hub of the universe. The best place to get beer for milestones around.

!Hero's Diary
08:31 Passed by a billboard with the engraving: 'Los Demonos - now with blackjack and hookers!'

!Hero's Diary
07:49 Saw a sign outside Los Demonos's gates: 'Abandon all hope ye who enter here'. Like I had any hope to begin with.

!Hero's Diary
18:57 Finally back in Los Demonos. Ah, the fresh smell of... oh, I forgot about the lack of sewer systems in this place.

!Hero's Diary
13:12 Saw a sign which read, “One does not simply walk into Los Demonos”. Proved it wrong.

!Hero's Diary
5:50 PM Rode into Los Demonos on a cloud of dust. No horse, just a cloud of dust.

!Hero's Diary
02:43 Hello, Los Demonos! Hello, doctors! Hello, civilization... and hello, “Khaki-colored Dragon”!

!Hero's Diary
00:25 Hello, Los Demonos! Hello, doctors! Hello, civilization... and hello, “Space Bar”!

!Hero's Diary
20:40 Passed by a billboard with the engraving 'Los Demonos — ladies get free admission from dusk till dawn!'

!Hero's Diary
06:36 Passed by a billboard with the engraving 'Los Demonos — best place to live since 657 G.E.!'

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