Lords of the Pit

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Lords of the Pit
Motto: We failed together and together we'll fail even more!
Alignment: Top right
Date Founded: December 2018
Membership Count: 2
Forum Headquarters: Lords of the Pit
Guild Page: Lords of the Pit 

Welcome to the Lords of the Pit guild page, Godwiki edition.

Feel free to join! If you have any questions, or just want to tell us something, the talk page is here for you!

The Guild

Joining us

To join the guild, you'll need to enter the following godvoice (outisde of activities/fight/etc.):
join "Lords of the Pit"

Once the quest started, congratulations, you're a member of the guild! But it will take several hours to complete the quest and be officialy a member.

Once in the guild be careful to also cancel any quest that may make your hero joins another guild by entering the following godvoice:
cancel quest


This guild is actually an embassy of the guild of the same name existing in another world. Members are nicknamed "The LotPs" ("Helloteypey" for the prononciation).


In the Godville Times

Nothing yet

The Members

Add yourself below if you're a guild member!

  • GodWardPhoenix (U • C • T) , who just wanted to make this guild's name exist in Godville, and was too lazy to make promotion about it for a long time. He strangely became fond of the Godwiki with the JanuWiki 2019 event, and now use a lot of his free time to improve it as much as he can.
  • GodArcanedreamer (U • C • T) , a mildly eccentric person whose relationship with sleep is... tenuous, at best. Prone to sudden bursts of creativity before crashing from lack of sleep mysteriously disappearing for random intervals of time.