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| description = A pear-shaped, crying organism
| description = A pear-shaped, crying organism
| class = Amoeba
| class = Amoeba
| image = Bloodyboring.gif
| image = Lonely_Hive_Mind.jpg

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Monsters of Godville
Lonely Hive Mind
Class Amoeba
Habitat Broken Streets, Back Alleys, Desolate Mountains, Fallow Fields, Water
Description A pear-shaped, crying organism

Lonely Hive Minds come into being as depressing thoughts cast out from Greater Happy Hive Minds. These pear-shaped, crying organisms haunt broken streets, back alleys, desolate mountains, fallow fields, and barren streams, nurturing their isolation. They use telekinesis to rattle cans, throw pots, break limbs off dying trees, and create other disturbances. They have been seen during dark nights and thunderstorms, sniffling and whispering self-criticisms. When confronted, a Lonely Hive Mind may use telekinesis to throw loose objects or deliver a Pity Ploy--a rambling, semi-coherent monologue recounting the wounds, slings and arrows, and trials that assail the Lonely Hive Mind at every turn.

Lonely Hive Minds thrive on despair and inertia. They often attach themselves to a single location and wallow. They can be as small as a tear or as large as a mountain; the largest of the these creatures draw sorrow and misfortune to them and may be enmeshed in miles of black clouds and drizzle. They occasionally eat defeated Heroes, but most of the time cannot be bothered and just let the corpse decay. Watching a corpse decay, a Lonely Hive Mind contemplates the pervasiveness of suffering, the inevitability of death, and strengthens its aura of nihilism.

Lesser Heroes and those who have been excessively punished by their gods are advised to avoid Lonely Hive Minds. Righteous, high-ranking Heroes are advised to approach the smaller Lonely Hive Minds with confidence, a smile, and encouraging words. For larger Lonely Hive Minds, approach with confidence, a smile, encouraging words, and fire. Gargantuan Lonely Hive Minds are best avoided or attacked remotely with an army of starving, but jovial, pandas. Beware of lonely stretches of road the lead into dying forests or banks of black clouds haunted by sobbing and pervasive drizzle.


  • Psi powers.
  • Pity ploy.
  • Aura of nihilism.


  • Cheerfulness.
  • Fire.
  • Being eaten by pandas.
  • Java Juice.