Logistical Nightmare

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Monsters of Godville
Logistical Nightmare
The Logistical Nightmare is always seen carrying a clipboard
Class Eldritch Abomination
Habitat Deville
Description Logistician of Bad Dreams

The Logistical Nightmare is an extremely terrifying monster with a really important job: managing the supply of nightmares and making sure they get to the unsuspecting sleeping individuals so they can have bad dreams. Even though he is a monster, he lives in Deville instead of living in Monsterdam, Monstro City, dungeons, and the wilderness. The residents there do not like him very much, due to him being an eldritch abomination who manages their nightmares, but are afraid to kick him out of town because of his nightmarish occupation.

General Information

Nobody knows why a logistician was needed to manage nightmares. But, apparently, they would not be as effective at causing rough nights or getting to an unsuspecting sleeping victim if not for the Logistical Nightmare. He takes care of the supply of nightmares and the demand for nightmares, just like that.

Then, you ask, if he does all of that, what does the monster even look like? The answer is just as nightmarish as his job. He's an eldritch abomination with eyes covering his wings. He also has a black cloak, a single tentacle arm, and a pitch-black smoky tail. The side of his body without the tentacle is made entirely out of smoke. He always has a clipboard with him as well, since he is a logistician.

Sometimes, however, the Logistical Nightmare is seen attacking heroes for seemingly no reason at all. Heroes often complain about the monster suddenly appearing out of nowhere and then attacking them. This is because the Logistical Nightmare wants instill fear into the hearts and minds of heroes so that the world never runs too short of nightmares. Sometimes, he'll even use his clipboard as a weapon. But, he isn't too difficult to defeat, and whenever that happens, he'll disappear and respawn back at his house in Deville. This means, whenever he gets killed, he always comes back.



  • A living nightmare
  • Can teleport
  • Causes bad dreams
  • Intellectual
  • Spawns immediately after being killed


  • Happy thoughts
  • Not too difficult to kill