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Deities of Godville
Liya Create 
Liya Create-1.jpg
Hero Lilian Von Quertz
Personality Virtuous
Gender Female
Favourite Town Godville
Guild position Founder

Liya Create used to be a very powerful and we'll loved Goddess. She had millions and millions of followers all over the world. She was created by the people to stop a god of calamity and so she was a goddess of hope and prosperity. She spent her power to give hope and life to the world and also to find the god of calamity that had taken the souls of those he deemed too evil and unworthy of life. She had found him one day but could not defeat him. They fought a gruesome fight and in the end the god fled. After years of tracking the god, Liya had been approached by a masked god in one of the festivals dedicated to her. They danced and danced and even kissed afterwards however when the masked god unmasked, Liya was shocked to see the god she had been looking for and utterly despised. She stood silently as she watched the god run away. She was confused as to what she felt. The next few days she worked harder to find him. She couldn't tell if she wanted to find him because of love or anger. Was it because she wanted to be with him or to kill him. It was her sole purpose to kill him but she couldn't. Again, they had met. The third meeting. The first time she had anger. The second she had happiness. The third... She was puzzled. She cried and cried and made the world beneath her rain and flood. The god hugged her and said "Why do you hate me?" "Because you killed so many humans." "And they killed many more." "Why do you do this?" "Because it is my purpose. It is why I was made." "But my purpose is to kill you." "I do my purpose because I believe in it. Do you believe in yours? "I... I don't know..." He kissed her soft cheeks and smiled while looking at her exotic green eyes. "If you do not believe in it, it is not your purpose."

They became a couple and loved each other dearly however one day, the god had made their mistake. The son of the king of the most powerful kingdom had been killed. The son was an evil prince that punished people just for the fun of it and killed whoever they didn't like. The god had deemed him too evil to live and took his soul. The king, full of grief, took his knights and killed all of the god's followers. Without anyone who had fate in the god, he was defenceless. The god fled to the favourite temple of his lover knowing she was there. The king found out about this and killed all of Liya's followers as well. Liya could not stop them since the god the king was worshipping was stronger than her. She could not do anything as those who trusted her was slaughtered and her temples destroyed. She could not stop them when they had taken the man she loved away from her. "Why?" The only thing she had left were a few hidden followers that helped her stay alive, the cold dead bodies of those who she promised to protect, and the sword of the fallen god. "All god's that die become forgotten"

"What was your name?"

"Why can't I remember you?"

"Why are you important to me?"

"Why is it so cold?"