Little Green Man

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Monsters of Godville
Little Green Man
Homo Astro
Class Humanoid
Habitat UFO crash sites
Description Came from Outer Space

The Little Green Man was originally created by a trickster god who, being bored, decided it would be a good idea to test the piety of the citizens of Godville by insinuating the existence of aliens. Not only did the god cleverly leave clues to an off world existence in the form of ‘spaceships’, they also created the monster to believe it is an actual alien and not the musings of an all powerful deity.

Originally, a ‘Green Giant’ was created, however, he had an infatuation with sweetcorn, left the whole ‘monstering’ business behind him and started his own tinned corn company. Apparently, he’s quite jolly these days.


What these half-sized humanoids lack in height and strength is offset by their technologically advanced armour and weapons. They are also slightly brighter than the average hero and can at times use this to confuse their opponent in times of crisis in order to strike a final blow or run away.

Due to originally being found near the swamps and marshlands, these critters are colloquially referred to as ‘marshians’. They are also accompanied by a hidden sound and lighting team that create, what can best be described as an LSD fuelled, 80’s disco having a full on mental breakdown. This is initially used to unnerve opponents.


  • Slightly higher intelligence than the average hero.
  • Can utilise an arsenal of technologically advanced weapons.
  • Has own entourage to create epic light shows, baffling and unnerving enemies.
  • Telepathic communication (Doesn’t work on heroes or heroines due to lower intelligence).


  • Is rather frail outside of its armour.
  • Germs of any kind.
  • Covert government agencies.
  • Having it’s head chopped off.