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| [[Independent thought alarm]]  || H
| [[Independent thought alarm]]  || H
| [[Indie-Pendant]]  || T
| [[Indie-pendant]]  || T
| [[Infidelity Gauntlet]]  || A  
| [[Infidelity gauntlet]]  || A  
| [[Inflammable hot pants]]  || L  
| [[Inflammable hot pants]]  || L  
Line 1,208: Line 1,208:
| [[Jedi's light saber]]  || W  
| [[Jedi's light saber]]  || W  
| [[Jingle Belt]]  || W
| [[Jingle belt]]  || W
|- id="s_K"
|- id="s_K"
! style="border-right:none;" data-sort-value="K" | <big> - K - </big>
! style="border-right:none;" data-sort-value="K" | <big> - K - </big>

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Notice: game texts are not subject to Creative Commons license (due to the way they were initially submitted to the ideabox).

This is a list of known Equipment in Godville, initially seeded from a scan of over 49k heroes, but has been extensively updated since.

All Equipment entries have been linked to the corresponding article, so you can tell by the item's color if a descriptive page exists (Blue Text) or not (Red Text). You are encouraged to create or embellish those descriptive pages.

Errant spellings and variant hyphenations are not necessarily cleaned up, as they may reflect actual data in Heroes' listings (we don't correct the game itself).

Equipment Types

There are several types of Equipment, which the hero wears or wields in different ways. They are indicated by a single-letter flag in the Type column:

Flag Interpretation
A on Arms
B on Body
H on Head
L on Legs
S Shield
T Talisman
W Weapon


Equipment Type
1 2 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

- 1 - Top
1-up mushroom T
128-bit encryption S
- 2 - Top
2D glasses H
- 8 - Top
8-bit sword W
8-inch floppy disk S
- A - Top
A pair of boots of vulnerability L
Abs of steel B
Achilles' heel T
Acid rock T
Acid tongue H
ACME leg-breaking boots L
Ad-blocker S
Adam's costume B
Adamantlers H
Admin's tambourine T
Advertising board S
Afterlife preserver B
Albatross necklace T
Alchemist's robe B
Alchy's sword W
Alien spacesuit B
All-terrain sandals L
All-terrain slippers L
All-Thumbs Gloves A
Alpha mail B
Amethyst collar T
Amulet of industrial strength T
Amulet of omni-impotence T
Amulet of refraction T
Amulet of the Coffin Maker T
Anchor tattoos A
Ancient cork T
Ancient CPU S
Angry bird W
Animated shorts L
Anti-goliath sling W
Anti-lock brakes L
Anti-meteor helmet H
Anti-meteor umbrella S
Anti-missile active cap H
Anti-mosquito hat H
Anti-radiation suit B
Antibodies B
Antigravity boots L
Antimatter horn T
Apollo's sunshade B
Arctic circle T
Armadillo shield S
Armlets of a labor teacher A
Armlets of misfortune A
Armor Geddon B
Armor of Might and Magic B
Armor of night invisibility B
Armor of purity B
Armor of the Fallen Demon B
Armor of the Mighty Moron B
Armor of the True Chosen One B
Armor of True Chosen One B
Armored door S
Armored dunce cap H
Armored tank top B
Arrowproof vest B
Asbestos fingers A
Aspen cross T
Asteroid belt B
AT-field S
Athlete's exercise slippers L
Athlete's feet L
Atomic high boots L
Atomizer W
Attachable limbs A
Attachable tentacles A
Augmented kevlar vest B
Automatic badaboom W
Automatic slingshot W
Autumn sleeves A
Award robe B
Awkward paws A
Axe of despotism W
Axe of headbanging W
Axe of valor W
Axecalibur W
Axes of evil W
Aye-aye cap H
- B - Top
Backpack with holes B
Bag of runes T
Baking mitt A
Bald fur cap H
Ballpoint pen W
Banana gun W
Banhammer W
Bank vault door S
Bartenderizer W
Basilisk jaw T
Basilisk's ear T
Basilisk's feet L
Basswood shield S
Bast boots of richness L
Bastion shield S
Bat signal T
Bath towel H
Bathrobe B
Bathroom slippers L
Batman's cowl H
Battle dwarf's muffin W
Battle shovel W
Beach sandals L
Beach towel of doom B
Beanie of elusiveness H
Bear arms A
Beard of Bees H
Beard of epicness H
Beautiful coral T
Beauty pageant tiara H
Beehive on a stick W
Beer goggles H
Bell-mouthed gauntlets A
Bi-sickle W
Big bangles A
Big pot cover S
Big book of self defence S
Biker's helmet H
Biodegradable armor B
Bionic commando's arm A
Birthday suit B
Black box recorder T
Black galoshes L
Black light armor B
Blackhawk down jacket B
Blacksmith's sledgehammer W
Blade of grass W
Blade of infinite dullness W
Blade running shoes L
Blame deflector S
Blasting cap H
Blind faith S
Blindfold of accuracy H
Blindfold of invisibility H
Blindfold of justice H
Blue screen of death S
Boatswain's hobnailed boots L
'Boeing' jet boots L
Bogus Rolex A
Boiler plate mail B
Bonsai tree of knowledge T
Boom boxers
Boomerang sock W
Boomstick W
Boots of all evil L
Boots of depleted uranium L
Boots of Eternal Fatigue L
Boots of extraordinary charisma L
Boots of fire L
Boots of Hastiness L
Boots of hellfire L
Boots of outrageous toughness L
Boots of resistance L
Boots of righteous indignation L
Boots of riverdancing L
Boots of scorched earth policy L
Boots of vulnerability L
Bossypants L
Bottled up emotions T
Bottom armor L
Boxing gloves A
Bracers of embracing A
Brain freeze ray
Braveman's quilted coat B
Breathing mask H
Breeches of Etiquette H
Broken mirror T
Broken promise ring T
Broken washing tub S
Broomstick W
Bubble wrap breastplate B
Bull's eye T
Bull's horn W
Bull-shield S
Bulletproof Monk S
Bulletproof T-shirt B
Bullyproof vest B
Bunny suit B
Bunny-ear slippers L
Burning shield S
Butcher's axe W
- C - Top
Camel hair mittens A
Camouflaged cloak B
Can of WMD-40 W
Canvas gloves A
Cap with IR-sight H
Cape of Adena's sorrow B
Cape of impunity B
Captured flag T
Car door S
Carbon fiber sword of idiocy W
Cardboard box H
Cardinal's cape B
Carnival mask H
Carrot on a stick T
Carton armor A
Cash cowl H
Cast iron panama hat H
Cast iron shield S
Cavalryman's bracers A
Cement shoes L
'censored' bar B
Centipede's jogging boots L
Central parka B
Ceremonial cap H
Chain e-mail B
Chain-letter mail B
Chain-mail yarmulke H
Chainmail snuggie B
Chainsaw of dismemberment W
Chainsaw of events W
Chakra of Kahn T
Chameleon socks L
Chaplet of destiny T
Cheat sheet T
Chemical protection suit B
Chicken leg T
Chicken suit B
Chinese finger trap A
Chitinous armor B
Chopstick W
Christmas stockings L
Chrome dome H
Clairvoyant's third eye T
Class action suit B
Clawed glove A
Clever clogs L
Cloak of cloaking B
Cloak of daggers B
Cloak of permissiveness B
Cloak of visibility B
Close-contact lenses H
Club of people's wrath W
Coarse gloves A
Cobra's venomous tooth T
Cocked hat H
Cocktail umbrella S
Coconut bra B
Coffee table top S
Coffin lid S
Cold shoulder pads A
Collar of duty T
Colossal blunderbuss W
Comb-over H
Comfort zone S
Compass of misdirection T
Concrete boots of agility L
Conquistador's cuirass B
Conscript's coat B
Containment breeches L
Contra band H
Cook's cap H
Cool crystal T
Cool sunglasses H
Coping mechanism
Corduroy ninja outfit B
Counter offer S
Cover of darkness H
Cow bell T
Cowboy's lariat W
Cowboy's lasso W
Croaking device T
Crosshairs H
Crown molding H
Crystal armor B
Crystal diadem H
Crystal heart T
Crystal shield S
Cthulhu's tentacle T
Cubic feet L
Cuckold's helmet H
Cup of woe T
Cupboard door S
Curmudgeon bludgeon w
Cursed lucky charm T
Custom skin B
Cutting edge technology W
Cutting-edge weapon W
- D - Top
Daisy chainmail B
Dark matter hat H
Darksaber W
Darth waders L
Data miner's headlamp H
Death note T
Death rattle T
Death's door S
Death's sickle W
Deck of Tarot cards T
Decoder ring A
Decorative moose antlers L
Deep-sea waders L
Deer hunter's boots L
Deja view glasses H
Demolition derby H
Demon's heart T
Demons heart T
Derby hat H
Detachable tentacles A
Dice of doom T
Dielectric boots of Zeus L
Dielectric overshoes L
Dignity Shredder
Dimensionless gloves A
Diplomatic immunity S
Dirty sketchers L
Dis-organizer T
Distributor cap T
Diver's flippers L
Do-not-touch screen S
Document folder S
Domino T
Donkey head mask H
Doomerang H
Double eye patch H
Double eye-patch H
Double peg legs L
Double peglegs L
Dragon ball T
Dragon egg shell S
Dragon eggshell S
Dragon scale pajamas B
Dragon skin jacket B
Dragonscale stockings B
Dragon's claw W
Dragon's molar T
Dramatic paws A
Drapes of wrath B
Dreadlocks H
Dress rehearsal B
Dried fish W
Drunkard's liver T
Duct tape bracers A
Durable shield S
Dwarf bread W
Dwarven cap H
Dwarven ceremonial bracers A
Dwarven crossbow W
Dwarven cuffs A
- E - Top
Ear trumpet H
Early warning system T
Earmuffs of solitude H
Ears necklace T
Earthworm Jim's boots L
Edward's scissorhands A
Egg-carton armor B
Electronic countermeasures S
Elephant's ear S
Eleven-gallon hat H
Elven bludgeon W
Elven jackboots L
Emotional wall S
Emperor's new clothes B
Empty pumpkin H
Encyclopædia of useless knowledge T
Endor-fins A
Entry stamp A
Epic beard H
Epic flail W
'Evil rulez!' badge T
Exacto knife W
Excaliper W
Executioner's hood H
Executioner's mask H
Exfoliating face mask H
Exhaust muffler W
Experience cap H
Extra set of hands A
Eye of the liger T
Eye tunes H
Eyepatch of the tiger H
- F - Top
Face paint H
Face plant H
Facehugger H
Fairy's battle axe W
Fake ID T
Fallen Angel's battle bracers A
Fan-mail B
Fancy monocle H
Faraday cage S
Farcefield S
Feet of strength L
Fig leaf S
Filibuster S
Finger puppets A
Fingertrap T
Fire arms A
Fire icicle T
Firewall S
Fish scale armor B
Fisherman's boots L
Fisti-cuffs A
Fists of fury W
Flea collar T
Floaties A
Foam finger of doom A
Folding chair W
Folding cup T
Footman's battle greaves L
Fork of truth W
Four-fingered gauntlets
Four-leaf burdock T
Four-leafed cleaver W
Fourth wall S
Fractal slacks L
Frame of mind H
Freudian slippers L
Friendship bracelet T
Frosty gauntlets of fire A
Frosty shield S
'Frozen foot' fur boots L
Full blast shield S
Full metal jacket B
Funny bone T
Futility kilt L
Fuzzy dice T
- G - Top
Gadget arms A
Gaming platform T
Gaming platforms L
Garden shears W
Garlic necklace T
Gatekeeper's halberd W
Gentleman's club W
Gentleman's jacket B
Gentleman's top hat H
Giant foam finger A
Giant wasp stinger W
Gladiator's net S
Glamorous chest armor B
Glass necklace T
Glossy black helmet with gas mask H
Gloves of eternal damnation A
Gloves of stranglehold A
Glow bracelets A
Goblet of fire T
Godtags T
Godville citizen's badge T
Godzilla's tooth T
Goggles of holy vision H
Going-going Gauntlets A
Gold-plated glamour shield S
Golden calf T
Golden fingers A
Golden horseshoes L
Goldfingers A
Good offense S
Goose bumps A
Gorgon's head T
Grandma's handmade sweater B
Grater of two evils W
Gravestone S
Gravitational pullover B
Gravity multiplier T
Great barrier wreath S
Greaves of bodily harm L
Greaves of grievance L
Greaves of the Unholy Paladin L
Greaves of wrath L
Green card T
Green lantern T
Green sleeves A
Green thumb T
Guild crest S
Guy Fawkes mask H
Gypsy's wristlets A
- H - Top
Hair curler H
Hair curlers H
Half-brick in a sock W
Hall pass T
Ham fists A
Halo of a fallen angel H
Handcuffs of strength A
Hands of jazziness A
Hands-free gloves A
Happy feet L
Happy new ear H
Hardened mittens A
Hazmat suit B
Health insurance card S
Heart of darkness T
Heartbeat inhibitor W
Heated armor B
Heavy gauntlets of war A
Heavy metal band T
Hefty sword W
Hellbottoms L
Hellboy's cuff A
Hellfire boots L
Helm of clear thoughts H
Helm of common sense H
Helm of despair H
Helm of overwhelm H
Helm of perpetual ineptitude H
Helm of second thoughts H
Helmet of Thickheadedness H
Helmet with twisted horns H
Hermes' training sneakers L
Hero's clothes B
Hex dispenser T
Hitchhiker's towel B
Hive mind H
Hobbit's hammer W
Hobo mittens A
Hockey mask H
Holed Boots of Reliability L
Holy bolt T
Holy crap T
Holy grenade launcher W
Holy halo H
Holy hole T
Holy sock L
Holy straitjacket B
Holy water pistol W
Holy water wings A
Homespun coat B
Honest Abe's top hat H
Hood of an insane monk H
Hopeless diamond T
Horns of a dilemma H
Horns of plenty H
Hospital bedpans L
Hospital gown B
Hovering life bar H
Hydralisk's claw T
- I - Top
Icarus rockets A
Icarus wings A
Icebreaker W
Ice pack H
Ice shield S
Icethrower W
Impact bracers A
Impermeable membrane S
Imposter's cloak B
Impure thoughts H
Indemnity claws A
Independent thought alarm H
Indie-pendant T
Infidelity gauntlet A
Inflammable hot pants L
Inflatable decoy hero S
Inflatable water wings A
Inquisitor's boots L
Insanity plea S
Integral of mass destruction W
Invisible pants L
Ion fists A
Iron crown H
Iron curtain S
Iron fist W
Iron fist in a velvet glove W
Iron hat H
Iron lattice S
Iron mask H
Irresistible force field S
- J - Top
Jackboots of asskickery L
Jailhouse rock T
Jar of sunlight T
Jaws of life H
Jedi's light saber W
Jingle belt W
- K - Top
Kaboomerang W
Kamikaze's cap H
Kevlar battle socks L
Kevlar greaves L
Kevlar opera gloves A
Kevlar trousers L
Kevlar vest B
Kilt of mooning L
Kilt of power L
Kitchen apron B
Knee-high socks of luck L
Knee-length socks of luck L
Knickerbockers of glory L
Knotty stick W
Kryptonite earrings T
Kryptonite sword W
- L - Top
Language barrier S
Large dartboard S
Larry's suit of leisure B
Laser hammer W
Last place ribbon T
Last shred of dignity T
Latex catsuit B
Laughing stockings L
Lawn darts W
Lawsuit B
Layer of dirt B
Lead apron B
Lead chastity belt B
Lead earrings T
Lead gloves A
Lead hat H
Lead shield S
Leaded snowshoes L
Leather cowboy boots L
Lederhosen of redemption L
Legal briefs L
Legionnaire's jackboot L
Lego shield S
Lego sword W
Lei of the land
Life insurance T
Life saver S
Life vest B
Lightning bolt cutter W
Lightning shield S
Lightsaber nunchucks W
Lightspeed sneakers L
Lightweight jacket B
Lion's mane H
Liquid crystal breastplate B
Liver warmer T
Loincloth of revelation B
LOLympic torch T
Long johns L
Love shackles A
Lucha libre mask H
Lucifer's sneakers L
Lucifur coat B
Lucky blanket T
Lucky horseshoe T
Lucky loop T
Lucky star T
Lucky stone slab T
Lumberjacket B
- M - Top
Macaroni necklace T
Mace of amnesia W
Mace of spades W
Machine-washable plate mail B
Mad scientist's goggles H
Magic ankle bracelet T
Magic hoof T
Magic mirror S
Magic stone slippers L
Magnetic charm T
Maiden's battle vest B
Mallet of Understanding W
Mammoth's lucky foot T
Manacles of freedom A
Manitou's moccasins L
Mantle of Mantis B
Mantle of Wasteland's ruler B
Mask H
Mask of a rabbit H
Masque of the red death H
Massive ego S
Master Chief's helmet H
Meat shield S
Medal of horror T
Mega-Soaker 2000 W
Meme blocker S
Mermaid flipper L
Metal bikini B
Metal deflector S
Mickey Mouse's gloves A
Micro kilt L
Microwave gun W
Mighty Berserker's T-shirt B
Military boots L
Military dress shoes L
Milk moustache H
Milk tooth of Lao Tzu T
Millennium falchion T
Miner's canary T
Minotaur's hooves L
Mirrored helmet H
Mirthful gas mask H
Missiletoe L
Mission briefs L
Misspelled tattoo A
Mithril braces H
Mithril gas mask H
Mithril pendant T
Mithril sneakers L
'Mitrollica' wristlets A
Mittens of total weakness A
Molecular disruptor W
Moleskin jodhpurs L
Monomolecular bandana H
Monster-allergy bracelet A
Moonglasses H
Morgue slab S
Mortal coil T
Motion-capture dots A
Mourning star W
Mud coating B
Mummy wraps B
Mummy's arm T
Muscle sleeves A
Musketeer's cloak B
- N - Top
Naked gun W
Navigator's head T
Necklace of grasshopper's eyes T
Necromancer's graveclothes B
Neighborhood Watch
Nekomimi H
Neon nimbus H
Nerd's glasses H
Nerf cannon W
Nightshirt B
Ninja turtle shell B
Ninjammies B
Ninth circlet of hell H
'No Trespassing' sign S
Nobleman's flail W
Nobleman's shoes L
Noodly appendages A
North Poleaxe W
Nuclear power pants L
Nuclear powered boots L
Nuclear waistcoat B
Nuclear winter jacket B
Nuclear-powered boots L
Nunchuckle W
Nuts and bolts T
- O - Top
Ocarina of time T
Odin's beard H
Off-the-cufflinks A
Offcuts of a five-inch pipe A
Ogre's saucer S
Ogre's toothpick W
Oktobervest B
Old barrel B
Old felt boots L
Old hubcap S
Old leather gloves A
Old nasal bone T
Old sandals L
One-sided coin T
Orange hood H
Orange quilted jacket B
Orb of Incremental Idiocy T
Orc's nose ring T
Organ donor card T
Orion's belt T
Osmium hammer W
Ostrich's tooth T
Out-of-phaser W
Out-of-tunic B
Oversized shoulder guard A
- P - Top
Pachelbel's cannon W
Paci-Fist A
Pair of beer goggles H
Pair of boxing gloves A
Pair of brass balls T
Pair of cool sunglasses H
Pair of Enterprise crewmember's gloves A
Pair of gypsy's wristlets A
Pair of monocles H
Pair of pig wings B
Pair of rune bracers A
Pair of runic bracers A
Pair of self-propelled boots L
Pair of surgical gloves A
Pair of winged sandals L
Paladin's bracers A
Palm oil A
Palm readers A
Pan lid S
Pandora's boxers L
Pantaloons of fury L
Pants on fire L
Paper file S
Paper forage-cap H
Paper machete W
Paper machette W
Paper shield S
Passion flute T
Peace pipe T
Peasant's best shoes L
Peasant's sickle W
Pegasus feathers T
Penguin's armor B
Perfect alibi S
Personal-space bubble S
Phlegm thrower W
Picture of home village T
Piece of strontium T
Piece of tank armor S
Pig wings B
Pile of quarks T
Pine tree air freshener T
Pink furry handcuffs A
Pink leggings L
Pink slip W
Pipboy 2000 A
Pipboy 3000 A
Pipboy 4000 A
Pipe spanner W
Pirate eye patch H
Pirate's eye patch H
Pirate's hook W
Pixie's shoes L
Planetary rings A
Plaster cast A
Plastic hammer W
Plastic plate S
Plastic riot shield S
Plastic shield S
Plate-mail flip flops L
Platinum platter
Platonic armor B
Plausible deniability S
Plothole cover S
Plumber's plunger W
Plumsoles L
Pocket dodecahedron T
Pocket imp T
Pocket protector S
Point-and-shoot sword W
Pointy stick W
Poker face H
Polar ice cap H
Political correctness S
Pop up blocker S
Popeye forearms A
Portrait of the president T
Potato gun W
Power glove A
Power gloves A
Power ranger's armor B
Prenuptial agreement S
Priority mail B
Prisoner's handcuffs A
Protective pentagram T
Proxy protection S
Psychological defence mechanism S
Punk's wristlets A
Purity rings A
Pythagorean pants L
- Q - Top
Quadripolar magnet T
Quantum barrier S
Quasidevil's horns H
Questionable content filter S
Quicksandals L
- R - Top
Raccoon's leg T
Radioactive slippers L
Rain bow W
Raincoat B
Rake W
Ram helmet H
Rambow W
Random axe of kindness W
Random innocent bystander S
Rangers' high boots L
Rapping sword W
Reality distortion shield S
Receding hairline H
Red crowbar W
Red riding hood H
Red rose T
Red shirt B
Red shoes L
Reindeer skin B
Responsibility deflector S
Restraining order S
Reversible Mobius jacket B
Ridiculously large sword W
Ring of fire T
Ring of opacity T
Ring of the lords T
Ring of visibility T
Road block
Robe of battle meditation B
Robin's hood H
Robot devil's hands A
Roc's feather T
Rock launcher W
Rock of aegis S
Rock-immune scissors W
Rocket skates L
Rockstar's leather jacket B
Roll cage S
Rotator cuffs A
Rubber gloves A
Rubber highboots L
Rule breaker
Runic bracers A
Runic tunic B
Rusty colander H
Rusty crowbar W
Rusty metal boots L
- S - Top
Sacrificial vestment B
Saint's frock B
Sandals of time L
Santa's claws A
Sapient pearwood club W
Sawed-off sword W
Schrödinger's catapult W
Scorpion pincers A
Scuba diving suit B
Sea saw W
Seat-back S
Security blanket S
Security breeches L
Self-cutting axe W
Self-portrait S
Self-propelled battering ram W
Self-propelled boots L
Sense of impending doom T
Sequined mankini B
Server patch T
Set of lightsaber nunchucks W
Set of ten thimbles A
Set of thimbles A
Seven veils H
Seven-league boots L
Seven-sided nut T
Sewer manhole cover S
Shadow boxing gloves A
Shaman's drum T
Shamethrower W
Shard of death metal W
Sharp stick W
Sharp tongue W
Sharpest tool in the box W
Shaving sword W
Sheep's clothing B
Shell of a giant crab B
Sheriff's badge T
Shield of a Thousand Battles S
Shield of dreams S
Shield of Heaven's Protector S
Shield of invincibility S
Shield of offense S
Shield of Seven Rainbows S
Shield of the Fallen Angel S
Shield of the SWAT King S
Shield of utter stupidity S
Shining armor of darkness B
Shiny metal axe W
Shock absorber S
'shoulder angel and devil' set T
Shoulder parrot T
Shroud of clarity H
Shroud of mystery B
Shroud of uncertainty B
Side of a barn S
Siege helmet H
Signed plaster cast A
Silver cross T
Single-pronged trident W
Six fingered gloves A
Six pack body paint B
Sixth sensor T
Skeleton's greaves L
Ski boots L
Ski cap H
Skin of a giant mantis B
Skinny Dipping Suit
Skull mask H
Skullcrusher W
Slaughter-proof jacket B
Slay bell T
Slay-tex gloves A
Sling of outrageous fortune W
Sliver of hope T
Small twig W
Smarty pants L
Smell of success T
Smoke and mirrors S
Smug self-righteous attitude S
Smurf hat H
Snail mail B
Sneakers of suspicion L
Snooze button T
Snorkel mask H
Sock puppets A
Socks of thunder L
Solar disc S
Solar flare L
Solar flares L
Solar ice cap H
Solar wind chimes T
Solid lead life preserver B
Solid Snake's bandana H
Sonic boomerang W
Sorcerer's scone T
Soulstone T
Sound barrier S
Spacemarine's battle armor B
Spaceship trooper's gauntlets A
Spam grenade W
Spare rib T
Spatula of mightiness
Sphere of destiny T
Spiderman's suit B
Spiderweb tunic B
Spiked collar T
Spiked leather jacket B
Spiked-wheel roller blades L
Spine tingler B
Spiral galaxy arm A
Spurs of the moment L
Staff of a fortune-teller W
Staff-only staff W
Stage hands A
Stalactights L
Star-spangled shirt B
Starched cuffs A
Static field S
Steam-powered exoskeleton B
Steam-powered hammer W
Steampowered hammer W
Steelettos L
Steel wool mittens A
Steelmaker's gauntlets A
Stiff upper lip H
Storm umbrella S
Strange attractor T
Strap with a star T
Stratospear W
Street gang leader's sneakers L
String of nut beads T
Strong letter of recommendation T
Strong staff W
Strong sunblock S
Stunned turtle S
Stunt double S
Stuntman's helmet H
Subnet mask H
Suicide watch A
Sumo suit B
Super visor H
Superhero's leotard B
Superhero's unitard B
Surgical gloves A
Surge protector
Survival kilt L
Suspenders of disbelief B
Swamp waders L
Sword of a Thousand Truths W
Sword of irony W
Sword of overcompensation W
Sword processor S
Swordfish W
Swordfish's nose W
Sysadmin's sweater B
System reboots L
System specs H
- T - Top
T-shirt tuxedo B
T-shorts L
Table knife W
Table-leg W
Tail of a ball-mouse T
Tainted glove A
Talisman of Complete Uselessness T
Tanker's helmet H
Tarot deck shoes L
Tattle tail
Technicolor dreamcoat B
Tectonic plate mail B
Temporary tattoo A
Tentacled pentacle T
Tesla chainmail B
Tesla coil gun W
Textolite shield S
The blindfold of justice H
The boots of all evil L
The Doomerang W
The Mask H
The Schwartz W
Theme parka B
Thinking cap H
Third-time charm
Thor's jackhammer W
Three-sided die T
Three-way tie T
Throwing iron W
Thrown down gauntlets A
Thunder-proof underwear L
Thunderwear L
Tiberium ring T
Tic tac toes L
Tickling gun W
Tights of immodesty L
Tiki idol T
Tin can S
Tin foil hat H
Tin shield S
Tinky-Winky's mittens A
Titan's boots L
Titanium nightgown B
Toe trucks L
Toilet seat cover S
Tortoise shell S
Tough Spartan shield S
Traffic cone H
Tramp's shoes L
Transmogrifier gun W
Trenchant obtusenator of boorishness W
Trenchcoat of arms B
Trident of wet power W
Trigger fingers A
Tropical punch W
Trousers of impudence L
Truncheon of diplomacy W
Trustier bustier B
Tunnel vision H
Turncoat B
Turtleneck plate mail
Two turtle gloves A
Two-handled chopper W
Two-sworded hand W
Two-way mirror shades H
- U - Top
Ultimate arm equipment A
Ultimate defense mechanism S
Ultimate shield of darkness S
Ultimate weapon W
Unconscious armadillo S
Undead Paladin shield S
Undead Paladin's shield S
Unicorn's horn T
Unidentified fighting object W
Universal remote T
Unlicensed nuclear accelerator W
Unlike button T
Unrequited gloves A
Uranium walking stick W
Utility kilt L
- V - Top
Vacuum pack B
Van Allen Belt B
Vanity mirror T
Veil of tears H
Velcro-fastened armor S
Verbal reflector S
Veteran's puttees L
Vibranium Vambraces A
Viking's helmet H
Villainous moustache H
Vital sign
Voodoo doll W
Vorpal sword W
Vortex cannon W
VR-mask H
Vuvuzela of annoyance W
- W - Top
Waders of The Lost Ark L
Waist of Space
WALL-E's tracks L
Warmer on the liver T
Warm Embracelets L
Warpspeedos L
Wasteland Traveler's high boots L
Water balloon launcher W
Weapon of less destruction W
Web of lies S
Web shooters A
Wedding ring A
Weevil costume B
Welder's protective screen H
Whippersnapper W
Whiskered matryoshka T
White slippers L
Whoop-axe W
Widow's blue stockings L
Wiffle ball-and-chain W
Wild boar's snout T
Wimple H
Wind turban H
Window shutter S
Wooden pitchfork W
Wooden planks with springs L
Wooden wings B
Wool legwarmers L
Worn-out slippers L
Wreath of daisies H
Wrist dreamcatcher T
Wristlets of bad luck A
Writer's block S
Wunderwaffle W
- X - Top
X-ray glasses H
- Y - Top
Yellow polka dot bikini B
Yellow raincoat B
Yeti slippers L
- Z - Top
Zirconium bracelet T
Zombieskin overcoat B
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