List of Artifacts

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trophy Generator Bold N/A
booklet “The 101 Things To Do If You Ever Became An Evil Overlord” Normal N/A
sun-protection monocle Normal N/A
bottle of beer from a wall Normal N/A
ultraviolent lamp Normal N/A
can of black paint Normal N/A
wirt's other leg Normal N/A
operating model of a black hole Bold N/A
supersonic screwdriver Bold N/A
improbability drive Bold N/A
portable photon generator Bold N/A
will power generator Bold N/A
dragon egg incubator Bold N/A
invitation to godville Bold Allows the adding of Friends
folder N666 Monsters' N/A
torrent seed Monsters' N/A
survival guide Normal N/A
ticket to the eternal void Normal N/A
vial of vitamin c++ Healing N/A