Lip Smacker

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Lip Smacker
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid dark shape
Habitat Rocky and uneven terrain
Description Has hands

The Lip Smacker is a very fearsome and ridiculous monster.

Many years ago some unfortunate hero tripped and smacked his face on the ground, giving himself a bloody lip. He didn't notice as he was fighting with a monster at the time, and so he forgot about his accidental lip smacking. But his clumsiness continued and he became exponentially frustrated by continuous injuries.

One day, accumulated bad luck and continued lip smacking resulted in the creation of maleficent intent known as the Lip Smacker. The monster will try to smack, punch, and slap a hero's face as many times as it can, just to get satisfaction from the resulting sound.

How to avoid: Don't smack.



  • very strong arms (the result of continued smacking)
  • hides in tall grass to trip heroes and slap them in "traditional" way
  • knows a Forbidden Technique named Slap of Shame. Don't let it get you with it. DON'T. LET. IT. GET. YOU.


  • if it doesn't smack enough, it will become depressed
  • if hero smacks his/her lips on its cheek, the monster will become so confused with this definition of lip smacking that it may forget to breathe, and die

Field Notes