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Type: Combat Skill

Lion belch is a combat skill that requires years of eating garlic rings at the tavern. The hero has to eat these garlic rings and produce gas via beer... Being as heroes drink beer so often, it's not hard to obtain excellence at this skill.

The concept of the lion belch skill is that the hero learns to unleash a belch that combines a disgustingness of sound, of smell, and (if possible) of projecting gross little bits of chewed up food. When used effectively, this skill can inflict on its victims a feeling of nausea within a 30' radius; a burning sensation in the eyes, nostrils, and back of the throat; and a temporary blockage of sufficient levels oxygen from entering the lungs.[1]


Lion belch toon.jpeg

Level 1-5

At this low level, the opponent will merely gag and think the user is a bit rude.

Level 5-10

After further training in this skill, the opponent will be forced to back away a minimum of 250 meters while pinching its nose to block the aroma.[2]

Level 10-20

At this level of mastery, use of the lion belch causes the opponent to try and escape from the smell, including attempting a jump off of a barely survivable cliff. Swelling in the eyes causes impaired vision.

Level 20+

True masters of the lion belch can force their opponent to drown themselves in the shower.[3] The noxious fumes cause eyes to swell completely shut, and the irritation of the nostrils and throat will impair breathing. Victims of a lion belcher of this level must make a saving throw vs. being totally grossed out, the failure at which results in uncontrolled wrenching and dry-heaving for up to 20 minutes.


  1. This skills has been found by the Greater Godville Medical Guild to be unsafe for children, young monsters, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with weak stomachs or compromised immune systems.
  2. And, thus, one less hand/claw/paw/hoof/ with which to attack.
  3. Then, if revived, to drown themselves in the bath; then, if revived, to flee to space because some god is out to get them and make them stink forever.
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