Lightsaber-Toothed Tiger

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Monsters of Godville
Lightsaber-Toothed Tiger
lightsaber-toothed tiger.jpg
Class Mammal-like Alien
Habitat Caves
Description Cybernetic Tigers

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there were monstrous creatures feared for their savage beauty. They were called lightsaber-toothed tigers. They were found mostly on a desert planet called Tatooine or on the icy planet Hoth as they were very adaptive. A galactic battle took place forcing these creatures to seek a new home. They found it in the form of Godville and they found snacks too. Watch out for their deadly force attacks. Their lethal lasers...Their destructive... Ah, just watch out for them. If you are close enough to count the number of lightsaber fangs a lightsaber-toothed tiger has then you are too close to run away. The lightsabers on a lightsaber-toothed tiger can be seen a kilometer away as two bright pinpricks of light and an LST tiger can run as fast as an airplane can fly.

Lightsaber-toothed tigers are usually found in caves. The best way to fight one is to quietly enter the cave, tiptoe up to the sleeping lightsaber-toothed tiger and hit it with your weapon as hard as you can. Even if you don't kill it in one hit it will be stunned and won't have time to activate its lightsabers. The pelt of the lightsaber-toothed tiger is valued by traders and is sold to rich people to make into carpets. The most famous Lightsaber-toothed tiger's pelt resides in the "Dinner for One" guild hall, where it delights in tripping and dismembering revelers. The lightsabers, if correctly harvested, can still be used and make deadly and effective weapons.


  • Lightsaber Teeth.
  • Force attacks.
  • Lasers.


  • Water (after all it is just a large cat)
  • Death stars.
  • Vulnerable to Jedi mind tricks