Life vest

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Equipment of Godville
Life vest
“In case of death, pull down sharply on ankh to resurrect.”
Worn 👕Body
Durability +4
Description A life vest a day, keep death away. Or not.

The life vest is a piece of equipment that may save a heroes life, or it may not. It can soften a blow or serve as a flotation device while fishing. Effective use requires wearing the vest.


All life vests come equipped with a whistle, reflective straps, and an emergency resurrection ankh.

Heroes may choose between a permanent foam model and an inflatable model.

Some models offer an optional third fastening strap.

Suitable for heroes levels 5 through 30.



Usage Warnings

Do not pull emergency resurrection ankh while still alive. Though side effects are usually benign, on rare occasions a nearby soul awaiting resurrection has been sucked in to cohabitate in the vested hero’s body. This can lead to disembodied voices, hallucinations, and psychotic breaks.


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