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A hero's level is a measure of how powerful they have become. A hero can increase their current level by gaining Experience. Certain parts of gameplay are available once a certain level has been achieved.

  • Ideabox – from level 3
  • Godpower Accumulator – from level 5
  • Hero’s motto – from level 7
  • Duels – from level 10
  • Guilds and ability to vote for chronicles – from level 12
  • Skills, Ideabox and ability to edit GodWiki – from level 15
  • Pet – starting from level 18 (mounts – after level 30)
  • Temple – once constructed (usually at levels 45-60)

Everytime a hero levels up, he is rewarded with an increase in maximum health and an extra slot in his bag to carry more items. As an added bonus, his health is restored to full, and the Godpower is refilled to 100%. He then has access to stronger weapons and armor to make him stronger. As a hero's level climbs up, so does his ranking in the Pantheon of Might.