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A heroine's level is a measure of how powerful they have become. A heroine can increase their current level by gaining Experience. Upon levelling up your heroine is not required to return to Godville to update the authorities of this development and may continue adventuring at their own pace, however slowly that may be. Certain parts of gameplay are available once a certain level has been achieved.


The levels that a heroine must reach to gain certain things:

  • 18 — Ability to tame a pet
  • 50 — Heroine buys up to 4 healing artifacts at towns

Level-Up Gains

Every time a heroine gains a certain number of levels or more, an upgrade happens.

  • 1 — an increase in maximum hero health of 4 (no limit)
  • 2 — an extra slot in the hero's inventory to carry more items (maximum 50 slots at level 86)
  • 3 — an additional skill (after level 15, maximum 10 skills at level 42)

As an added bonus, when a heroine levels up, her health is fully restored, the Godpower is refilled to 100% and from level 5 onward, the deity gains an extra charge. She also gains access to higher level weapons and armor. As a heroine's level climbs up, so does her ranking in the Pantheon of Might.

The higher the heroine's level, the more experience they need to reach the next one. This is why growth is fast at first but can then become frustratingly slow.

Examples from the diary

!Hero's Diary
6:44 PM I've grown slightly bigger as I hit level 24. More of me to love, Almighty!
!Hero's Diary
11:16 AM Harder, better, faster, stronger... I'm level 4 and I'm loving every minute of it!