Lego My Argo

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Lego My Argo
Lego My Argo logo.jpg
Alignment: Cruel
Totem Monster: Astronautilus
High-level Rank: Argo's Hectocotylus[1]
Gold Fund: 1269 c.u.
Date Founded: 3195 g.e. (07.02.2019)
Membership Count: 5
Town with Greatest Influence: Dogville (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 666
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 79
Guild Page: Lego My Argo 
Data current as of 24.02.2019

(Lego = attack, Argo = legendary astronautilus[2])

We've been sailing through the realm with shining, floating paper nautilae ship since 3.195 g.e. Not too far from the ground though, deities here don't lift. But we lap dance! Free lap dance by GodHe-reen  for all Lego My Argo Guild Council debut!

This is the guild if you just want to have someone to talk to and not worry about being thought of as annoying. All while enjoying the benefits of being in a guild. The Guild Council is open 24 hours for nonsense spam, lame jokes that only you laugh to, questions that has been answered in the FAQ, and soul-wrenching confession. We may or may not reply, but don't worry, this is a safe place. We listen... sometimes in appreciative silence. Or apathy of online identity. Not judgmental one. And yes, you can talk about actual non-ZPG gaming with GodRedhead Willy . Just PM him.

GodShe-reen  and her army of alts are either dueling or influencing in town, increasing Lego My Argo's influence--then brag about successes in Guild Council. This is for you who wants to try hard and want to brag. Or give half-assed extremely rare try and still brag every time, as you deserve.

Legoing then Argoing

Battle manual:

  1. De-feet our foes with as-precise-as-your-drunk-heroine-could-musterly thrown Lego bricks.
  2. Retreat to our nautilae shell ship
  3. Giggle as they cry in abject horror and frustration.
  4. Yell from the top of your mugs: "LEGO MY ARGO!"

That should do it. All other challengers in the vicinity shall be intimidated enough to give us free beers.

Argoing Barberian

Member heroine gets free haircut special to Lego My Argo. The tentacled bowl cut.

!Ensukemi's Epic Chronicles
08:01 My guild gave me a quick haircut. They said it was a fringe benefit.

The No-nos

No influencing in Los Adminos, for their offense to the holy Astronautilus.

Credit History

We all know our champions are bad at money management. But don't worry! The Guild have excellent credit history with The River Banker.

!Ensukemi's Epic Chronicles
04:45 The River Banker was preparing to finish me off when it glimpsed my guild badge and said, “Lego My Argo? Why didn't you say so?”. It patted me kindly on the head and smiled as I stumbled away.


Weee haveee our own tavern at Godville!

!Ensukemi's Epic Chronicles
05:39 A sudden tremor rocked the town as a new tavern rose from the ground. I quickly claimed ownership for “Lego My Argo”. I have a feeling that we are going to get more members from Godville!