Lego Golem

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Monsters of Godville
Lego Golem
Class Golem
Habitat Wastelands
Description Huge golem made of Lego bricks


This monster was created as an experiment by a Mad Scientist. He was out of funds and did't feel like robbing any banks, so he used some legos he found on the street. The scientist used a GrowGun 2000 Series X-58 to make the few pieces bigger. Once that was done, he sang an evil incantation and brought it to life. Unfortunately, as all evil creations tend to do, the monster turned on its owner. The Lego Golem ran away with the GrowGun and hid in a cave. It made more golems and decides to fight on its own to rule the world. The scientist, feeling betrayed, decided to stop making any more experiments. Nowadays, when the two see each other, they either fight, or leave.


the Lego Golem is made of giant pieces of Legos. They generally have the body structure of a human, but some may have a few extra limbs to make it stronger. They are, on average, 20 to 27 1/2 feet tall, weigh up to 138.7 pounds, and have multicolored bodies.


  • They don't have a specific area of strength. Usually, they may have an advantage depending in the number arms they have, or the strength of the lego pieces.


  • Because they are made of plastic blocks and therefore have no joints, they can't get up if they fall down. (Warning! Some golem sightings have been reported as the golems having joints. Do not focus on this weakness!)
  • A cannonball should break them to pieces, but heroes aren't smart enough to use cannons, are they?...