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Legion of the Dead Logo, Armored skeletal top quarter enclosed in a circle with sword and horse brush helmet protruding from the circle.

Legion of the Dead
Motto: Our Secrets Die With Us
Alignment: Neutral
Totem Monster: Dead Survivor
High-level Rank: legate
Gold Fund: 28,000 c.u.
Leader: GodMiralew 
Date Founded: May 13 2015 1829 g.e. / 2353 days
Membership Count: 33
Town with Greatest Influence: Anville (12%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 64 (6357)
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 13 (2660)
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 50 (357)
Pantheon of adventure Rank: 24 (586)
Forum Headquarters: Legion of the Dead
Guild Page: Legion of the Dead 
Data current as of 5.13.2020 3656 g.e.


"We die in the eyes of our brothers so we can fight without fear. It offers redemption for the greatest sacrifice."

The Legion of the Dead was formed by Lord Ismail, follower of the goddess Vyena, as an independent army to combat great threats that arise. They are considered to be the most intimidating and devastating force in godville due to the fact that its legionnaires consider themselves to already be dead. Their headquarters is situated in Anville, allowing them to have access to high quality weapons and armors that can be produced quickly and efficiently.

  • We value teamwork and socialization, all members are encouraged to speak with their guild members often.
  • We are a neutral guild. The Legion accepts criminals and paragons alike, all who seek glory are welcome to attain it
  • If you intend on joining use your God Voice and say Join the "Legion of the Dead" guild while your hero is outside of a city. You do not need to cancel your current quest
  • Feel free to add any of the members. It is encouraged that you add the current leader of the guild, Miralew (U • C • T) 
  • Unless she is to quit, Vyena is the permanent leader of the Guild. If she does leave, the next leader will be picked by voting. That leader does not retain the permanent leader status that Vyena does and another may be picked when it is time to vote once more.

And we're pretty hectic

Guild Strongholds

Currently we utilize two different types of strongholds. The old Dwarven Fortresses of the past Legion have been recommissioned and can be found in underground tunnels that move beneath Godville and connect several dungeons together. There we hold back monsters from escaping these dungeons and into the outside world to terrorize nearby cities. We also have the newer Human strongholds that can be found near many large cities, the most notable of which being Anville. Legion strongholds are unique in that they are generally built in locations where Magic cannot be used, thus protecting their walls from powerful destructive magic. Fortresses come equipped with many offensive capabilities, ranging from Trebuchets to Hot Oil that is used on invading forces. Their access to underground dwarven roads serve as methods that they use in order to continue bringing in supplies. These developments allow the Legion to maintain control of a region with a relatively small force, allowing them to better spread their resources around the world.

Image of Guild Hall within San Satanos


The Legion is a military organization that accepts soldiers of any alignment or level of society. The Legion is unique as it allows people to join in order to avoid punishment for a crime they had committed or in order to restore honor to their family name. Others have joined to erase past debts and even simply for glory and the Legion accepts them all without discrimination.

Prior to joining the order, the legionnaires undergo a symbolic "funeral" where they are able to give out their last goodbyes to friends and family and to sever all ties to their former lives. It begins with chanting and drinking before their coffin is lowered into the ground and the soldier bidding his loved ones farewell. This funeral clears the name of the soldier and restores his family's lost honor. They are recorded as dead in all official records, with the cause of death being written as a "Glorious Death" against the enemies of Godville. The Legionnaire must now be able to make this a fact by fighting to earn himself a courageous and honorable death. Recruits who survive past the first few days take the Oath of the Dead and are officially recognized as soldiers of the Legion.

The Legion is based on an Ancient Dwarven order of a similar name. The last legionnaires had been disbanded after the invasion of Beerburgh during the Great Elf-Dwarf War, the order had been found to be too corrupted as their leader attempted to overthrow their king. Upon learning of them, Lord Ismail reinstated the legion as a human organization and placed several measures to ensure that the order's power is kept in check. The original Dwarven Capital of the Legion was San Satanos, the greatest Dwarven city in all of Godville. After it's reformation as human order, the capital was moved to Anville, several miles away, in order to differentiate itself from the Old organization as well as have access to the best weapons and armors of Godville.

The Legionnaires themselves are trained in the most rigorous of battles, leading to them to be very formidable opponents. A single legionnaire can easily best several people in direct combat, and entire Legions can be almost impossible to defeat. Legionnaires instead should be fought in more indirect ways, such as through decievement or magic. Their shields are sturdy and block several types of projectiles excluding those of heavy siege machinery, but strong enough magic can cause them to stagger or even break the shield.

The Oath of the Dead

Hate for Hate and Ruth for Ruth,

Eye for Eye and Tooth for Tooth,

Scorn for Scorn and Smile for Smile,

Love for Love and Guile for Guile,

War for War and Woe for Woe,

Blood for Blood and Blow for Blow.

Theme Song

Man O War: Die With Honor

Guild Spotlight

Legion of the Dead is a guild ranked 28th in the pantheon of popularity, consisting of 24 heroes and heroines. Almost every guild member finds it offensive to become a one-hit wonder.
Godville Times, 2019 March 26 (3242 g.e.) edition
Well-known archaeologists found out that beer was actually invented by 'Legion of the Dead' members! This piece of news spread across the town, filling the people with awe and gratitude for my guild.
Bob the Wonder Llama (U • C • T)  Miracle at Godville, 2019 April 16 (3263 g.e.)
Legion of the Dead — guild of 38 heroes, located at the 28th place in the pantheon of popularity. Guild's admission tests include proficiency with the “full throttle” skill.
Godville Times, 2019 July 20 (3358 g.e.) edition
Legion of the Dead — guild of 53 heroes, located at the 62nd place in the pantheon of duelery. The members of this guild are only mildly rowdy while in public.
Godville Times, 2019 September 1 (3401 g.e.) edition
Legion of the Dead is a guild ranked 85th in the pantheon of duelery, consisting of 43 heroes and heroines. Veterans in this guild call themselves “legate”. Guild's unity increases with dropping temperature.
Godville Times, 2020 January 11 (3533 g.e.) edition
Legion of the Dead is a heroic horde of 35 heads located around the 8th place in the pantheon of popularity. They call themselves “legate”. Can you imagine that? Favorite monster of the guild is Dead Survivor. The members of this guild are mostly civil while in public.
Godville Times, 2020 April 19 (3631 g.e.) edition
And the winner is…
Congratulations Atheeena  , on winning Godville's Got Skills 2020! Your song was truly all about Godville and beautifully made/sang! Well done!
Wawajabba  , 2020 May 1 (3644 g.e.) Godville's Got Skills™ 2020
Legion of the Dead — guild of 31 heroes, located at the 14th place in the pantheon of popularity. The highest rank here is “legate”. Their totem monster is the elegant Dead Survivor. Infamous for eating cakes and leaving them whole.
Godville Times, 2020 June 4 (3678 g.e.) edition
Legion of the Dead is a group of 32 brave adventurers, who have climbed to 54th position in the pantheon of unity. They've chosen the title of “legate” for their most esteemed members. Dead Survivor holds the job of totem monster in this guild. Based on the Guild Council excerpts seen by the Godville Times Editor... nevermind.
Godville Times, 2021 February 13 (3932 g.e.) edition

{{Quote|author=Godville Times, 2021 May 15 (4023 g.e.) edition|[[Legion of the Dead][ — guild of 32 heroes, located at the 37th place in the pantheon of duelery. The highest rank here is “legate”. The chief totem aura supervisor here is the Dead Survivor. Guild's admission tests include proficiency with the “tooth sampling” skill.}}

The Drunken One

Guild Quests

Our guild's prophet ordered me to silence a babbling brook. For “Legion of the Dead”!
The Blessing (U • C • T) , 2019 August 26 (3395 g.e.) 04:20

Guild Totem

Hooray! The guild's leader has declared Dead Survivor is now the guild's totem monster. This news should spread through Godville in a day or so.
— Guildbot, 2020 March 31 (3613 g.e.) 3:21 pm
Yoo-hoo! The guild has unlocked an ability to pick a monster as a totem! The totem monster can be set by the elected leader on the guild's page.
— Guildbot, 2020 March 31 (3613 g.e.) 3:00 pm



Legion of the Dead/Roster

The following lists are our lists of members and their ranks. Click the word "Expand" on the right side for each list in order to see it's names


Title Rank - Days (Delta) Description
Lord Commander by election The Lord Commander is the leader of the Legion, tasked with maintaining it's stability and existence.
Immortal by appointment Immortals are the strongest members of the Legion. They have survived years of combat and have proved themselves to be undefeatable. They are the personal guard of the Legion Commander.
- 800 (+200)
Legate - 800 (+200) The Legate is a high ranking general who is in charge of multiple centurions. They are personally elected by the Legion Commander from the Wardens or the Centurions.
- 600 (+465)
Prophet - 600 (+150) Wardens dedicate themselves to protecting their legate. They are elite soldiers who have had their combat tested and have managed to survive months in the legion without falling.
- 135 (+100)
Regent - 450 (+150)
Patriarch or Matriarch - 300 (+100)
Hierarch - 200 (+65)
Cardinal - 135 (+45)
Centurions are high ranking Legionnaires. Legionnaires that prove themselves can be promoted to Centurion and are in charge of several soldiers.
- 35 (+27)
Grand Master - 90 (+30)
Advisor - 60 (+25)
Chief Master - 35 (+17)
The Legionnaires are the main force of the Legion. They serve many roles in battle and compose the majority of the Order. They are Undead who have survived at least a month of battle.
- 8 (+8)
Master - 18 (+10)
Follower - 8 (+5)
Recruits who make it past 5 days become full members of the Legion and are bestowed the rank of "Undead". As far as official records are concerned, these soldiers are walking corpses.
- 0 (0)
Recruit - 3 (+2)
Intern - 1 (+1)
Fan - 0 (0)
Recruits are newly appointed members of the guild, they generally serve on the front line and many die before being promoted.

The Noble Council

The Noble Council are the highest lords serving under the Legion. Those who find themselves on this list are the ones who happen to be the ones deciding the future of the Legion and leading it's troops into battle. These soldiers should be feared on the field of battle as well as on the negotiating table.

God Name Title Champion
GodVyena (U • C • T)  Founder Lord Commander Emeritus Lord Ismail, Champion of the Legion
Miralew (U • C • T)  Leader Lord Commander Lord Rayray lll, Warlord
GodThe Lights (U • C • T)  Immortal Lady Wanderrr, Explorer of Lands beyond the Fold
GodMiralew (U • C • T)  Immortal Lord Rayray lll, Warlord
GodBob the Wonder Llama (U • C • T)  Legate Lord Special Eddie, Slayer of the Frost Wyrm
GodGod of Wargods (U • C • T)  Legate Lord NoName23, Vanquisher of Rebels
GodFather nefarious (U • C • T)  Legate Lord Bobby won konobie, Scourge of the East
GodCinocal (U • C • T)  Legate Lord Cheradinine, The Uninsurable
GodSamech (U • C • T)  Centurion Lady Mhairi, Virtuous Protector of the Lost
GodTDioWS 4-medal laurel(U • C • T)  Centurion Lady Rivenn, Administrator of Initiates
GodLight Thunder (U • C • T)  Centurion Lady Tempest Storm, Tempestuous organizer of the lost and never found
GodPawlerbear (U • C • T)  Centurion Lady Emberlie, Guardian of the Frozen Lands
GodYtech (U • C • T)  Centurion Lord Wasted, Drunken Master
GodThe Blessing (U • C • T)  Centurion Lady Blessed Hero, Predecessor of the Meal
GodXxNicxX (U • C • T)  Centurion Ladu Biata, Chancellor Unpronounceable
GodMarina Ace (U • C • T)  Centurion Lord Mariner Ace, Pirate Hunter Extraordinare
GodThe Divine Meow (U • C • T)  Centurion Lady Mistress Felonia, The Great Catsby
GodFrezrax (U • C • T)  Centurion Lord Zekir, Keeper of the Sacred Fez
GodHiguchi (U • C • T)  Centurion Lady Bandaya, Mistress of the Under
GodWelarim (U • C • T)  Centurion Lord Yaryar, Peacemaker
GodElvira Cantalope (U • C • T)  Centurion Lady Zeldasix, Mistress of the Dark
GodAtheeena (U • C • T)  Centurion Lady Artieee, amhránaí buacach an léigiún


These are the Guilds which have pledged their services to aiding our effort in keeping Godville from collapsing. Regardless of Alignment, these guilds know that if monsters were able to destroy civilization then none of them would be able to continue doing what they love to do.

Lucifer's Hounds

After an alliance with GodCrazyabeldog , Lucifer's Hounds will now be providing hell hounds to the Legion. Their gift has proven to be a major advantage in our mission of holding back the swarms of monsters that are running rampant throughout all of Godville, unchecked.

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