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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “Legendary Lore” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove this template by deleting {{delete guild}} when editing your guild page.
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  • Waiting for new people to join...

Legendary Lore
Alignment: Peacefull
Totem Monster: ---
Gold Fund: 1194 c.u.
Date Founded: 30th October 2015 (2589 g.e.)
Membership Count: 7
Town with Greatest Influence: --- (---%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 540
Pantheon of popularity Rank: ---
Pantheon of duelery Rank: ---
Forum Headquarters: Legendary Lore
Guild Page: Legendary Lore 
Data current as of 11 December 2015


Hello, welcome at the guild page of our guild! We are an average new guild, and fun of enthousiasm to grow bigger, and have fun! Please read this godwiki, to get some more information about our guild!

The Beginning

The guild had been abandoned by its former founder and was inactive until it was recently re­founded. The guild has yet to grow bigger...

The Ancient History!

The guild was founded many decades ago by an unnamed heroine, shortly after the legend of the wolf and the fox. The heroine was known to be an avid storyteller and was committed to keeping old legends alive. She created the Legendary Lore guild as a way to learn new legends and lore and to pass them down to others. Later, all heroes were allowed to join the guild and the guild grew immensely. Soon thereafter, the guild started dying out as many members left to join other guilds. Soon, only the founder of the guild was left and she abandoned the guild. Nobody knows what happened to the founder. Now, GodEx Aliquo  has taken over the job as founder, and the guild itself has to grow bigger again...


The guild aims to spread stories throughout Godville, though the guild does accept all who knock on its door; be they avid storytellers, humble listeners, restless adventurers, creative roleplayers, out-of-the-box-thinking ideaboxers or daring duellers. We want it to be an active and nice guild, a place for fun and happiness, and a place to share.


Our guild motto is: From ashes we rise, to rule the skies!


We have a few rules, to keep our guild as happy and a nice place to be, as possible, therefore some important rules:

  • Be polite and respectful to each other.
  • Please refrain from using vulgar, or fooly language in the guild council (and/or forums). We rather have our guild council clean. This doesn't mean you are not able to share your problems with us, no; just that we don't want swearing in our council and/or forums. :)
  • When entering the arena, post "nt in" in the guild council (non-temple in), or "t in" (temple in) so you don't match a fellow guild member of our own guild. When you hero{ine} matched an opponent, post "m" in the council, so members do know they can send to the arena again.
    • Note: Last rule said is actually no rule, but it is social, and we prefer you to do this.

Guild sybmol

If you are part of the guild, we prefer you to have this sign: "Ӝ" in your motto. It is not necessary, but we rather want you to do it, as it makes our guild recognizable in the phanteons.

How to Join

To join our guild, simply send the godvoice: Join "Legendary Lore" guild. Only do this when:

  • Your hero is not healing. (Including resting under a tree.)
  • finding the path
  • fighting a monster
  • in town
  • in duels or dungeons

How to stay in the guild

As heroes and heroines are dumb, they might try leaving the guild. Your hero will somethimes get a random quest to join another guild. If this happens, send the godvoice: Cancel your quest. (Under the same conditions as sending the godvoice to join the guild.)


Our guild is at the moment still searching for allies! We are now waiting on a response of the Blue Feather guild for an alliance.


Our guild has no enemies yet, luckily!

Guild events

Our guild is based on the legend of the wolf and his fox, this story will be told once a month in the guild council, as we want it to be a story, known by all guild members, and eventually used to inspire new members.

The legend of the wolf and his fox

Many decades ago, when Godville was still a small settlement, a hero roamed the world, nameless, trying to find the place he belonged. He was an outcast because he believed in a god none had ever heard of. All he had for company was his god and his pet firefox, Lux. He slayed many monsters and soon many people asked him for assistance in taking down specified monsters, promising him rewards for each monster that was slain. He found himself making a living this way and ended up advertising his services in each settlement he reached. One day while he was searching for a wanted Inner Demon, a harsh blizzard hit. The nearest settlement was milestones away, so he sought refuge in a cave. He spent the night in the cave, Lux curled up by his side the whole time. When dawn broke the light proved that the cave had not to been enough shelter from the icy cold winds. The hero had died from hypothermia, though Lux had survived. Upon realizing that her master had passed away, Lux stayed by his body, never moving from his side no matter what. Soon she herself passed away from dehydration. Her loyalty proved to be her strength and weakness.

The reason this story is told throughout the guild is rather not to focus on heroic deeds but instead to focus on the loyalty of others. Though Lux had known that staying by her deceased master’s side, but she still chose to do so. This story represents the loyalty within the guild.

Notable members:

Until now, the importantest members in the guild are:

  • Our lovely goddess, the one who refound this lovely guild, the word-weaving storyteller GodEx Aliquo  , therefore the first member of the guild.
  • Our second member, the nice, happy and chatty god GodNeon-B  . He keeps us, and the council alive!
  • Our third member, the lovely creator of this wiki page, the fast-fingered flame lounge roleplayer, ideaboxer, storyteller, and genderbending (joke, only some people will get it.) GodGod2000  (and all his alts.).
  • Our fourth member, a grammatical terror, but an amazingly nice and helpfull friend, GodRoahon B 
  • Our fifth member, a nice roleplayer, a good friend either, GodEragon25 
  • Our sixth, rather unknown member is GodSacrificial Lamb  , we haven't heard much of him yet...


Here are all important alts listed.

  • The god (and goddess, as he has a female alt too. Or, had...): GodGod2000 

His accounts are:

Contact him by pm'ing his main, GodGod2000 

Ending Note

All thanks for reading trought this whole godwiki, we hope to see you soon in the guild, or at least to see you in our forums!