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Champion of the God: Kaslann
Personality: ruthless, cold, stoic (Kuudere)
Gender: Female
Motto: "Kill or be killed."
Guild: Omnia Sol Temperat
Pet Type: Solar Bear
Pet Name: Nipper
Pet Personality: "Droller"
Favorite Town: El Herado
Personal Rival: Derederes

Laqtris was created by Her Greatness Kaslann in an effort to bring kuuderes to Godville, as most heroes are, at best, noisy, drunk, and lazy. She originally spawned inside a dungeon, unfortunately, and was swiftly beaten by a troupe of monsters. Of course, she escaped and fled to the nearest town, El Herado, where she honed her skills for several months until she was strong enough to take on the Godville countryside. Now, she has resided in Godville for three years and become a force to be reckoned with.

Skills and Abilities