Lampless Genie

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Monsters of Godville
Lampless Genie
Class Semi-Supreme
Habitat Steam Vents but also caves near Godville
Description Roams Aimlessly

The Lampless Genie is a monster who no longer has a lamp, and is forced to walk the land without a place to rest.


The hero got so excited about the prospect of three wishes, that he or she threw the genie's lamp into the bushes and forgot to ever retrieve it. Once in awhile, the hero will rub the lamp counterclockwise twelve times instead of clockwise seven times or vice-versa if standing on the equator, and then when the genie longer than usual to answer the doorbell. When this happens, the hero has already walked away from the lamp and the genie is unable to return because it locked the door with the keys inside.

There have been a few heroes who did rub the lamp but then were killed in a freak accident when they went swimming, as the ladder out somehow mysteriously disappeared and the hero trading the lamp with death for another chance at life. Genies who do not return to their lamp during regular intervals are eventually evicted by their landlord, who keeps their security deposit and decides not to rent to tenants anymore. It is said that this is why there are lamps you are able to find and rub, with no genie inside.

The Lampless Genie vowed to reap vengeance on all heroes, although it often forgets its task due to lack of sleep. There is a legend that one of these was actually set free by its hero, but the Lampless Genie monster is just too irritated to care anymore.



  • Magic
  • Knows what heroes want
  • No longer has to grant wishes
  • Immune to cold


  • Often drowsy
  • Anything that reminds him of home
  • Songs about Aladdin
  • loves ice-cream